Faltu 3rd February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 3rd February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 3rd February 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 3rd February 2023 episode starts with Savita blaming Faltu for Ayaan's accident while Ayaan asks Savita if Faltu’s operation is successful or not. 

Tanisha tells him that Faltu is absolutely alright and has gone home now and says she knows his promise to Charan that has been keeping him restless for days. 

Ayaan looks surprised and asks her how she knows about it. 

Tanisha dodges the question and tells him that she is the one who has donated the money for Faltu’s operation. 

Meanwhile, neighbors come to ask after Faltu while Charan says that Faltu will get better in the coming days. 

He thanks them for the support they have shown during their time of need. 

Just then, Khemchand calls Charan and tells him that Ratan is planning to sell his property, saying that they will not be coming back. 

Later, Charan tells his family about Ratan's nasty plans. 

Meanwhile, Tanisha apologizes to Ayaan and says that she will also get Faltu admitted to the cricket academy so he should relax and focus on getting better. 

Ayaan thinks of the promise he has given to Charan and tells her that he has already decided not to waste a second more on Faltu. 

He tells Tanisha that she was right to call Faltu selfish while Savita tells him to not take the stress.

Meanwhile, Tanisha tells herself that she will wipe away Faltu from Ayaan's life. 

In the meantime, Savita tells Ayaan about Tanisha’s caring behavior that has kept her by his side all night without eating or drinking anything while Siddharth looks as if he wants to say something but remains quiet. 

Tanisha tells her in-laws to not praise her so much and think about taking Ayaan home.

Afterward, Tanisha asks Siddharth to take care of the formalities and sits beside Ayaan. 

Ayaan asks Tanisha if she was the one talking to him at night but Tanisha denies it.

Meanwhile, Faltu gets angry at Ratan's audacity and tells Charan that they should immediately go back to Ittarpur to sort out the matter.

She also tells him that if there will be any need, then they will go to court even to get justice. 

However, Charan refuses to take her with him, saying that he will not jeopardize her eye health, and leaves her with Lajwanti.

Meanwhile, Janardhan asks Kanika about Tanisha’s intentions for spending money for Faltu’s operation and admitting her to the cricket academy. 

Kanika tells Janardhan that Tanisha is trying to make Ayaan forget Faltu and be happy. 

In the meantime, Faltu tells Lajwanti about visiting Ayaan’s room at night to apologize to him. 

However, Lajwanti reminds her of the favors Tanisha has done for them and that she should not have gone to Ayaan's room because no wife will tolerate this behavior with her husband. 

Faltu realizes her mistake and tells Lajwanti that she is right about this. 

Meanwhile, Ayaan comes back home and everyone welcomes him.

Janardhan tells Siddharth that he is very happy with his work and asks him to look after the new project until Ayaan recovers. 

Later, Tanisha settles Ayaan in his room and tells him that she will be taking care of him for the coming days. 

Meanwhile, Siddharth stops Tanisha midway and tells her that Ayaan will not give her more importance than Faltu, no matter what she does for him. 

Siddharth tries to instigate Tanisha about Ayaan's feelings for Faltu, saying that she will have to keep Faltu and Ayaan together so she can monitor him with her. 

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