Faltu 3rd July 2023 Written Update

Faltu 3rd July 2023 Written Update

Faltu 3rd July 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 3rd July 2023 episode starts with Faltu asking the ward boy about Ayaan’s health.

The ward boy replies that he does not know about Ayaan’s health because he went to attend to another patient after sending Ayaan to the emergency ward and Faltu nods her head.

At the same time, Ruhaan also arrives at the hospital and he looks at Faltu, feeling helpless.

Ruhan is unsure about his next move, on the one hand, he wants to help Faltu, and he also knows Faltu does not want his help.

When he finally approaches Faltu, asking if she needs any help, Faltu replies that she does not want to see him.

She blames him for causing trouble in her life while accusing him of repaying her like this despite her helping Shanaya.

Faltu angrily states that he has created a big mess in her life by showing Ayaan the fake photo and Ruhan grabs her hand, begging her to listen.

He announces that he just wants to help her yet Faltu is misunderstanding him while Faltu rudely orders him to let go of her hand.

In the meantime, Ayaan faintly calls Faltu’s name as soon as he returns from his unconscious state which gets overheard by Tanisha.

Tanisha quickly orders Siddharth to bring some medicine before he gets to hear anything and after Sid leaves, she starts manipulating Ayaan by fabricating truth.

She tells Ayaan that he should not think about Faltu right now as he himself is suffering while Ayaan looks at her in confusion.

Tanisha announces that if she tells where Faltu was then Ayaan will be upset but Ayaan urges her to speak.

Looking at Ayaan’s face, Tanisha guiltily speaks that Faltu has come to the hospital with Ruhaan but Ayaan refuses to believe her.

When he looks out of the window of his hospital room, he gets shocked to find Faltu talking to Ruhaan.

He starts breathing heavily as he feels betrayed by Faltu when Siddharth suddenly returns to the room.

Siddharth and Tanisha make Ayaan lie down on the hospital bed while Ayaan is still being restless.

Outside the room, Ruhan questions Faltu about what kind of lover Ayaan is as he has believed someone over his own wife.

He announces that Faltu has done so much for this family yet they are doubting Faltu’s credibility but Faltu orders Ruhan to keep his mouth closed.

Faltu replies that she does not need an outsider to tell her about her own family and Ruhaan looks hurt after hearing this.

Inside the room, Tanisha even manipulates Sid to believe that Faltu has come with Ruhan today and she makes Sid look outside where they find Faltu with Ruhan.

Tanisha asks Sid if Faltu and Ruhaan are not looking like they are in love which makes Sid's blood boil in anger.

Afterwards, when Faltu tries to enter Ayaan's room, Sid stops her by stating that Ayaan does not want to see her while Tanisha also reveals that Ayaan has become extremely angry after he has seen Faltu.

Hearing this, Faltu angrily announces that she will not meet Ayaan if he wants this only as one-time humiliation was enough.

Later, Faltu decides that she will vanish from Ayaan's life and even if Ayaan tries to find her, he will fail whereas Ayaan also mumbles in his sleep that he does not want to see Faltu's face anymore.

Meanwhile, Tanisha reveals to everyone in the Mittal family that Faltu came to the hospital with Ruhan and this makes Savita so angry that she starts trashing Faltu's character again.

On the other hand, Faltu borrows someone's phone to call Charan to tell him her decision.

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