Faltu 3rd June 2023 Written Update

Faltu 3rd June 2023 Written Update

Faltu 3rd June 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 3rd June 2023 episode starts with Faltu asking Ayaan how he will manage to collect the money all on his own.

Ayaan tells her a mobster named Goldy Bhai will help him, who lives in a sketchy place and doesn't work.

That's why he has to meet him early in the morning while Faltu gets worried and tells him not to go because it's too dangerous.

Ayaan tells her that they have no other choice and tries to comfort her by saying that he will be alright, but Faltu insists on coming along with him but he refuses.

Furthermore, while telling the driver directions, the driver gets scared to realize where Ayaan is trying to go.

The driver tells him not to go there because the place is dangerous and they could get into trouble, but Ayaan tells him not to worry and do as he says to do.

At Mittal House, everyone has gathered for breakfast, while Gowardhan asks Faltu where Ayaan is and Faltu replies that he went to collect money.

Savita is not eating anything, so Faltu goes up to her and makes attempts to feed her but she refuses.

Faltu then makes her understand that by fasting they can't help Janandran and Mayavati, but Savita has to eat for her own health.

Faltu consoles her by telling her that everything will be alright and if she thinks of Faltu as her daughter, then she has to eat, making Savita finally take a bite.

Meanwhile, Ayaan enters the sketchy place while one of Goldy bhai's assistants guides him to the place.

Ayaan meets the mobster and the mobster, tells him that he has already gathered all the details about him. 

Further, Faltu brings Savita to the hospital while she watches Janandran from outside and remembers when he felt hopeless after JM Mart got sold.

Savita starts crying, while Faltu consoles her and gives her water to drink.

Gowardhan asks Faltu where Ayaan is as the doctor wants to meet them and Faltu tells him Ayaan should be back by now.

Sid asks Gowardhan if he can come but Gowardhan tells Faltu to come with him as they have no time to wait for Ayaan.

On the other hand, Goldy tells Ayaan that he knows Ayaan is a very respected person, but that doesn't count while borrowing his money.

Goldy strictly tells him that he will charge 12% of interest on the borrowed money and if Ayaan fails to return it, then he will kill him.

This makes Ayaan get scared but he has no other options, so he agrees with him.

Meanwhile, the doctor informs Faltu and Gowardhan that Mayavati's condition has gotten worse, while the nurse comes and tells the doctor that Janandran's heart rate is dropping.

Faltu puts her hands together and requests the doctor to start the operation but the doctor says he can't unless they get the money.

After a while, the doctor considers their situation and tells the nurse to prepare for OT.

On the other hand, Ruhaan calls his assistant and tells him to be ready with 25 lakh rupees and deliver the money according to his order.

The assistant agrees and leaves while Ruhaan lights up a lighter and says that Faltu will be left with no choice but to accept his deal.

Further, Ayaan is returning from Goldy after getting the money.

As he is returning, he feels like somebody's following him but a group of guys stops him ultimately.

Ayaan warns them to let him go but they start attacking him, and his phone falls out of his pocket. 

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