Faltu 3rd March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 3rd March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 3rd March 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 3rd March 2023 episode starts with Faltu in her disguise introducing herself to the Mittal family coolly as Roshanlal Bhati AKA Rocky.

Everyone is impressed by Rocky’s entry.

However, the other contestants taunt Rocky by saying that he is too young and immature to compete with them.

Mayawati agrees, saying that he actually seems too young, and doubts if he has adequate experience in preparing food for them as the Mittal family is the largest joint family in the city.

Govardhan also agrees, saying that Rocky's young shoulders would not be able to manage the kitchen of so many people.

Faltu prays to Matarani and confidently reasons that he used to previously work under the renowned screenwriter and asks the entire Mittal Familt to first taste the food prepared by him and only then give judgments.

He proudly tells them how he has worked for various actors and actresses, telling them that he is a pro at cooking and was in extreme demand.

However, Tanisha doubtfully looks at Rocky, inquiring if they had met before.

Faltu gets alarmed, but confidently proclaims how his face got published quite often in magazines and newspapers, for he was a famous figure, to which everyone is convinced about.

Eventually, the competition begins with Harshavardhan, instructing the contestants regarding the rules of the competition.

Rocky takes his own ladle and knife out, to which Govardhan interrupts him by saying that he had no need to bring them since the Mittal Family provided everything to the contestants on the table.

Rocky replies by telling him the story of his decision to become a cook and tells that the knife and ladle are special to him, having been blessed by Lord Hanuman.

The competition resumes and Rocky AKA Faltu fervently prays to Mata rani and proceeds with her cooking.

Kanika also arrives, joining the audience while Ayaan is angry at not being able to find Vishal’s accommodation place, when Ayaan’s sister comes to him, persuading him to come and join the competition.

Sid and Ayaan both join the audience, watching the competition.

After 2 hours, the contestants offer their dishes to everyone to taste one by one.

At last, Rocky brings up his food, to which Mayawati asks Ayaan to taste the food first this time.

Ayaan tastes the food and loves the taste, appreciating it immensely.

Everybody tastes the food and likes the taste and quality of food.

They especially like the inclusion of the tasty yet healthy food prepared by Rocky, which was missing from the plate of the other contestants. 

Thus, it is declared that Rocky is the winner of the contest. 

Faltu in disguise as Rocky is overjoyed and expresses her emotions of happiness, while Ayaan in the corner watches “Rocky” intently.

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