Faltu 3rd May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 3rd May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 3rd May 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 3rd May 2023 episode starts with Ayaan telling Kanika, Tanisha and Sid that they will get all their answers in court and assures Janardhan that he will make sure that he gets his position back in the company.

Meanwhile, Tanisha expresses anger at Kanika for bringing a lawyer into their conversation and now, Ayaan will never forgive her. 

However, Kanika tells her that it was necessary to put pressure on them so Faltu can be chased out of the house and once she is gone, everything will go back to how it is. 

Later, Sid thinks to himself that he has worked hard to achieve all this and will not let Ayaan get it all back ever again. 

At the Mittal house, Harsh tells Savita that Sumitra and Tanisha are organizing a reception party.

Savita gets angry and asks Harsh why are Sumitra and Tanisha hell-bent on making a spectacle of their family. 

Meanwhile, Faltu also supports Savita and tells Harsh that he should talk to Sumitra and cancel the party. 

Just then, Tanisha and Sid come home and Savita gets worried on hearing that Ayaan and Janardhan have left office a long time ago. 

Ayaan Comforts Janardhan

Elsewhere, Ayaan and Janardhan are at a tea stall where Ayaan reminds him of all the occasions when he used to bring him there whenever he use to feel low. 

Ayaan complains to Janardhan about distancing himself from him.

On hearing Janardhan accuse Faltu of all their problems, Ayaan tells him that it is not Faltu but Tanisha and Kanika who have created all the trouble in the family. 

He also tells him that people like Tanisha and Kanika have no loyalty and would have found a way to betray them even if Faltu has not come into the picture. 

Ayaan assures him that he will fight them legally and get back everything that they have created with hard work and dedication. 

At home, Ayaan announces that there will be no reception party in the house and if they still go ahead with the plan, then they will not be attending it to which Janardhan agrees.

However, Tanisha tells Janardhan that they should not mix business and personal life. 

Meanwhile, Kanika taunts Janardhan for backing out because he feels embarrassed at having to introduce Faltu to their circle. 

Ayaan gets angry and cuts Kanika that he is proud of Faltu who needs no introduction and one day very soon, she will make the family name proud too. 

Afterward, Tanisha tells Kanika that the reception will take place as planned and Ayaan and Faltu will have to attend as well.

Kanika Blackmails Janardhan

Later, Kanika threatens Janardhan with his house papers that he has taken a loan on and tells him to convince Ayaan and Faltu to attend the reception because what her daughter wants, she gets. 

She also tells him that if Ayaan fails to attend the party, then this secret will be exposed in front of the family and the house will be auctioned too to get the money back.  

Meanwhile, Sid is busy planning his own game against Ayaaan and tells his secretary to switch off all the CCTV cameras. 

Afterward, he makes a call to the police to give them a tip about Ayaan and feels pleased with himself for turning tomorrow into the worst day of Ayaan’s life. 

Ayaan Feels Helpless

Later, Ayaan is shocked to hear that their house has been mortgaged to Kanika and asks him where will they go if Kanika and Tanisha auction their house. 

Janardhan tells them that Tanisha will not do any such thing if he and Faltu agree to attend the party. 

Janardhan tells him that they will have to conform to Tanisha and Kanika for now and asks him to not tell about the house mortgage to anyone else. 

After a while, Faltu comes to Ayaan and tells him that they will attend the party for the sake of her family. 

Ayaan Plans A Coup

After a while, Ayaan gets a call from his office staff about Sid planning something nefarious and that they have switched off the CCTV cameras as well. 

After a while, Ayaan plans to invade the office to find out what Sid is planning and tells Faltu that he would need Sid’s locker key to see what he is hiding. 

Meanwhile, Faltu assures him that she will help him get the keys and together they will face Sid and Tanisha. 

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