Faltu 4th April 2023 Written Update

Faltu 4th April 2023 Written Update

Faltu 4th April 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 4th April 2023 episode starts with Tanisha and Faltu waiting outside the hospital room in anticipation.

Tanisha glares at Faltu, saying how Ayaan would never forgive her carelessness.

Just then, a female doctor comes out of Aisha’s room and approaches them.

She gently tells them that there is no need to worry, asking for the patient's husband.

Kinshuk, Ayaan and Savita arrive soon after and Kinshuk tells the doctor that he is the patient's husband, asking her about Aisha's condition in panic.

The doctor gently tells them both the child and the mother are safe without getting any major shock, thanks to Faltu's presence of mind.

The doctor takes her to leave before saying that Aisha can be discharged at night.

Savita chastises Faltu for taking Aisha outside even when she is pregnant, telling Ayaan to improvise on his decision of marrying such an irresponsible girl.

Ayaan requests his mother to stop and they all go inside Aisha's room.

Savita corners Faltu before going into the room, telling her that she has something important to talk to her about at night.

Inside, Aisha gives everyone a weak smile, thanking Faltu for saving her.

She notices a wound on Faltu's hand which Faltu brushes off saying that it is just a scratch.

Ayaan looks at the wound and takes her out for treating it, scolding her for not taking care of herself.

Faltu argues a little, but Ayaan dresses the wound anyway while Faltu asks what happened in the office today.

Ayaan slowly tells her everything, to which Faltu tells him that she can still go out of his life so that they can live happily.

Ayaan completely denies her statement, telling her that Janardhan has decided to cast him off due to being under pressure.

Faltu holds his hand, saying that she will always stand beside him, always.

On the other hand, Janardhan hands the suitcase to Savita, saying her to convince Faltu to get out of their lives with it.

Savita takes the suitcase and assures Janardhan, requesting him to take care and Janardhan sits down, still disturbed by Ayaan's words.

In the night, Faltu prays to Matarani, hoping that Savita would understand her.

Just then, there is a knock on Faltu's room, and Savita steps inside.

Faltu tells her to make herself comfortable, bringing water for Savita.

Savita rudely tells her that she hasn't come to her room for chit-chat, saying she has come with an offer.

Opening the suitcase full of notes, she tells her to take the money and leave the Mittal house.

Faltu is hurt and tells her that no amount is equivalent to Ayaan's love.

She tells Savita to understand the pain Ayaan is going through with everything dear to him going away.

Faltu boldly tells her that if Savita fails to see the anguish in Ayaan's eyes she will not hesitate to leave the Mittal house.

Savita's silence makes Faltu tell her gently yet boldly that she will never leave Ayaan when this is the time when he needs her the most, closing the suitcase.

She promises Savita that she will convince the whole family to accept them soon.

Savita leaves the room in frustration, having failed to persuade Faltu.

Faltu quietly hugs the photo of Matarani, praying to the Goddess to give her strength to face this difficulty.

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