Faltu 4th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 4th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 4th February 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 4th February 2023 episode starts with Faltu telling herself that she cannot see the phone number clearly so how she will learn about Ayaan’s health.

At the same time, arriving there, Lajwanti scolds Faltu for staring at the screen as Charan has given her the responsibility to take care of Faltu.

Faltu tells Lajwanti that she wants to call Ayaan’s servant to know Ayaan’s health to which Lajwanti reminds her that Ayaan is out of danger now.

Faltu even suggests Lajwanti calls as a journalist who just wants to know about Ayaan.

When Faltu says that she just wants to know if Ayaan has gone home safely, Lajwanti asks her if she has fallen in love with him.

Meanwhile, Tanisha is feeding Ayaan soup when Kanika walks in and looks pleased seeing Tanisha happy.

Kanika urges Ayaan to not worry about the company as they are taking care of it perfectly and also adds that she has postponed their honeymoon for some time.

Looking at Ayaan, Kanika mentions that he should not worry about Faltu as Tanu has taken full responsibility for her.

Kanika takes Tanisha away to discuss something while Ayaan looks around in despair.

Kanika orders Tanisha to not help Faltu anymore as Janardhan is worried about it to which Tanisha replies that she needs to bring Faltu back to get some answers.

On the other hand, Faltu denies Lajwanti’s words, stating that Mart babu AKA Ayaan is a God to her.

Lajwanti then decides to bring Ajay who will help them to contact Ayaan’s servant which makes Faltu suspicious as she thinks this is a person whom Lajwanti went to meet late at night.

When Ajay arrives there, Faltu urges him to call Ayaan’s assistant as a journalist to know his health.

Ajay refuses as he is scared and Faltu herself calls the assistant to know the truth.

Once the assistant tells Faltu that Ayaan is okay, Faltu feels relaxed and cuts the call.

Meanwhile, at Mittal's mansion, Tanisha tells Kanika that she cannot live with the fear that Faltu will steal Ayaan from her.

She even reminds Kanika that Faltu is Ayaan’s wife so from now on she will decide what will happen to Faltu.

Later that night, Faltu gets a call from Jamuna who reveals that after Pappi’s words about selling their family property, Charan is having a heart attack.

The next morning, Ayaan feels restless as he cannot remember who said something to him which is important to him.

Afterward, Tanisha starts giving Ayaan a sponge bath which makes him uncomfortable and he orders her to stay away.

While Ayaan feels guilty for it, Tanishia thinks Ayaan still has feelings for Faltu.

Meanwhile, Faltu decides to go back to Ittarpur to teach Pappi a lesson for messing with her father

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