Faltu 4th June 2023 Written Update

Faltu 4th June 2023 Written Update

Faltu 4th June 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 4th June 2023 episode starts with Mayavati and Janandran sitting in OT, while Savita is crying terribly.

Faltu consoles everybody by telling them that Ayaan will be there with the money soon, but Ayaan is not picking up Faltu's calls.

On the other hand, Ayaan is fighting with the robbers but he does not lose his grip on the bag's handle. 

Just then, someone hits Ayaan with a bamboo stick on his head and Ayaan loses consciousness and falls on the ground, while the robbers run away with the bag.

In the hospital, Sid insists Gowardhan take his money because Ayaan hasn't returned yet and the doctor can't start without them as well.

However, Savita strictly disagrees about taking their money and tells Faltu to call Ayaan.

Meanwhile, Ayaan is brought back to consciousness by the people from the nearby area and they question him about how he ended up wounded.

Ayaan starts looking for his bag and asks everyone if they have seen his bag, but nobody gives him a positive answer.

He remembers that the operation will start soon and tries searching for his phone but cannot find it.

Taking someone else's phone, he calls Faltu but she doesn't pick him up, so he leaves for the hospital, while Faltu also decides to go search for Ayaan.

On the other hand, Tanisha is regretting her life choices as everyone hates her.

Kanika tells her to eat something but she refuses, so Kanika consoles her by telling her to move on from what happened and eat something.

Tanisha gets angry and yells at her for not caring enough for her family.

Meanwhile, Ayaan reaches the hospital wounded while a nurse tells him to go to the emergency room, but he refuses and tells her that his father and grandmother are admitted there.

The nurse understands that he is from the Mittal family, so she calls everyone.

Everyone comes and asks Ayaan what happened and he replies that he failed to collect the money.

Gowardhan asks about his situation and he explains everything while he is told about Mayavati and Janandran's condition too.

Further, Tanisha is blaming Kanika for everything and tells her that when she had time, she didn't stop Tanisha but also provoked her about what she was doing.

On the other hand, Ruhaan is wondering why Faltu hasn't accepted his deal yet, while Shanaya comes to him and tells him to drop her at the hospital.

Shanaya tells him that Faltu isn't picking up her calls and, as a friend, she should be there for her.

Ruhaan tells her that Faltu and her family are going through a tough time and agrees with Shanaya.

Meanwhile, his assistant comes and tells him about Faltu's arrival and Ruhaan tells him to make sure about Shanaya not leaving her room while he is talking to Faltu.

When Faltu comes, Ruhaan tells her that she is talking too much time in a critical situation where Mayavati and Janandran are fighting for their lives.

Ruhaan tells her that he knows that Ayaan couldn't manage the money while Faltu cries.

Ruhaan states that crying won't solve anything and she has to make her decisions quickly.

Faltu agrees with Ruhaan's deal, also getting a bad feeling while Ruhaan makes her sign an agreement where it is written that Ruhaan has given Faltu 50 lakh rupees for her to play as Shanaya as long as he wants.

Ruhaan makes a quick call to transfer the money without revealing his identity and he also tells Faltu that, according to the agreement, she can't tell anyone about this deal to anyone, not even Ayaan.

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