Faltu 4th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 4th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 4th March 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 4th March 2023 episode starts with Ayaan approaching “Rocky” after he is declared the winner of the contest, making him nervous and alarmed at the possibility of his disguise being revealed. 

However, Ayaan pats him, and appreciates his cooking, even though he is so young. 

Faltu is a bit guilty of betraying Ayaan, but she has no other way to prove her innocence, which matters to her the most.

Afterward, all the family members pester Rocky, telling him about their preferences for the food they liked. 

Rocky quietens them and suggests that they all could message their likes and dislikes to him and he would manage.

Savita informs Rocky to arrive in the kitchen early, as Tanisha has planned some surprise for the family, which makes Rocky think about what the surprise could be. 

Meanwhile, an argument breaks out between Ayaan and Tansiha, as she has planned a party but did not tell him until the last moment. 

He says he still needs time to settle his thoughts and disagrees to attend the party.

Tanisha reasons that she is simply following the therapist’s advice while Ayaan thinks to himself that no matter how much he tries, he is unable to love Tanisha.

He understands how he is unable to develop feelings toward Tanisha the way he has towards Faltu.

Meanwhile, Rocky is taken to his room, which previously was Ayaan’s, and seeing the room filled with everything related to cricket, Faltu gets emotional and observes everything intently.

She is now more determined to fulfill Ayaan's dream but is called out by Savita to quickly engage in the preparations for the party.

She quickly locks the door, removes her disguise, and is just about to go freshen up, when Ayaan knocks on the door, urging “Rocky” to unlock the door.

Faltu is alarmed, but calmly tells Ayaan in her “manly” voice to come later after he freshens up.

Ayaan replies in refusal and warns that if Rocky doesn't open the door, he would break it, making Faltu put her disguise back.

Faltu opens the door and Ayaan topples over her but quickly gets up, and Rocky assures him that he hasn’t stolen anything and there is nothing to be worried.

Ayaan then explains his attachment to the room and says that the memories in the room make him possessive about it.

He tells Rocky that he could use the room, but be careful not to touch anything.

Rocky assures him that he has no interest in anything related to cricket and curiously asks if Ayaan is a player.

Ayaan gets emotional remembering his past and replies in denial and proceeds to leave but suddenly stops and stares at Rocky intensely.

He doubts telling Rocky that he felt as if he has seen him before while Rocky says that everyone thinks that seeing him, for he looked similar to “Bhaijaan”.

After Ayaan leaves, Faltu sighs in relief but hears Kanika talking on the phone, addressing the caller as "Vishal" and Faltu goes outside to hear more clearly.

Faltu sees Kanika leaving the car and understands that she is going to meet Vishal and decides to follow her.

Meanwhile, Janardhan upon knowing about the new cook hired, accuses the whole family asking, how they can trust anyone who talks sweet words with them.

He calls out Amar ji and tells him to bring Rocky along with his verification ID.

On the other hand, Rocky reaches a cafe where Kanika’s car is parked and spies on her who looks as if she is waiting for someone.

Faltu notices a man approaching, and thinks that it is Vishal for sure.

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