Faltu 4th May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 4th May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 4th May 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 4th May 2023 episode starts with Sidharth supervising the arrangements for the reception.

However, Mayawati asks the family members if they know why Kanika has asked them to gather together.

Kanika gifts them the clothes Tanisha has purchased while Mayawati calls her out for getting them clothes without asking them.

Meanwhile, Faltu sees this as an opportunity to find the keys to the office locker as both Tanisha and Sidharth are busy with the preparations.

Further, Faltu gets the keys from Sidharth's bags but is alerted by Sidharth’s voice as he walks to his room.

A nervous Faltu hides in the almirah and prays to god to save her from Sidharth.

Mittal family welcomes Baby Mittal!

Just then, Ayesha enters the Mittal house with her child for the first time and Mayawati asks Kumkum to get the pooja plate to welcome the baby into the house.

In the meantime, Sidharth comes to his room to get the cuff links and is called by Sumitra to tread downstairs to meet his nephew.

Sidharth beams with joy to know Kinshuk’s arrival at the Mittal house with his newborn baby.

Finding Sidharth out of his room, Faltu rushes to her room and bumps into Ayaan who is hurt by her.

She apologises to Ayaan and shows him the office keys while he pulls her cheeks adorably, complimenting her for helping him out.

Further, Faltu informs Ayaan about everyone being busy with Kinshuk’s baby and that he can use this opportunity to visit the office.

On the other hand, Suhana and Sidharth fight over the baby’s attention towards them while Mayawati takes the evil eye off the baby and gives him a gift.

After Mayawati, Sumitra holds the baby in her arms while the baby poops on her, making everyone laugh.

In the meantime, Ayaan is delighted to see the baby and Faltu joins them as they adore the baby-Mittal together.

Faltu tells Ayesha to rest before the party and takes the baby and Ayesha to their room.

Further, Kanika tells Janardan to follow her instructions to keep the Mittal family joyful.

Meanwhile, Ayaan visits the office with a disguised look and is helped by Akshay to enter the office premises.

Back in the Mittal house, Kanika and Sidharth discuss the documents while Kanika tells him to hand over the locker keys to her.

Sidharth is unable to find the keys in his bag and they both get stressed and look out for Faltu and Ayaan.

Ayaan becomes Joginder!

Further, Ayaan introduces himself as the Joginder, the laptop mechanic to repair the laptops in the office.

Just then, another staff member calls out to Joginder and asks him to repair his laptop as well.

Back in Ayesha's room, Ayesha thanks Faltu for helping her so much and tells her that she will be forever in debt to her.

Sidharth joins them in Ayesha's room and asks Faltu about Ayaan and she informs him about Ayaan’s interview.

On the other hand, Ayaan enters Sidharth’s cabin and checks the files while the peon calls him out for being in the cabin.

However, Joginder calls Akshay to the cabin and tells the peon to let him work and not disturb him in repairing the computers.

Back then, Sidharth informs Kanika about Ayaan being out for an interview while she tells him to call the office and ask them to check the CCTV footage as well.

Faltu snoops on their conversation and decides to alert Ayaan to be cautious with his search for documents.

She calls Ayaan to get out of the office as soon as possible and tells him to not put himself in danger for the documents.

Further, Sidharth’s men look for Ayaan in the office but he hides behind the shelves to not get caught.

However, Ayaan is locked in the documents room and finds his phone switched off.

Tanisha promises a memorable reception night!

Meanwhile, Faltu is worried for Ayaan and just then, Tanisha invites her to the reception and tells her about the gifts she got for her and her beloved Ayaan.

She calls out Tanisha for not pretending in front of her as they are alone in the room.

Tanisha appreciates Faltu for knowing her so well and tells her that she will make the reception evening memorable for everyone.

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