Faltu 5th August 2023 Written Update

Faltu 5th August 2023 Written Update

Faltu 5th August 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 5th August 2023 episode starts with Ayaan asking the doctor where is Faltu in a very weak voice.

He tries to struggle to get out of bed, saying that he wants to meet Faltu when Savita and Tanisha walk into the room.

Savita starts manipulating Ayaan by saying that even though Faltu came here today but Faltu walked away by abandoning Ayaan in this state.

Hearing this, Ayaan stares at Savita in disbelief, muttering that he knows Faltu can never do such a thing.

On the other hand, in Brijmohan’s house, Brijmohan and Neil discuss with the manager about their upcoming modeling day.

The manager suggests to Neil that they use a Bollywood celebrity to endorse their brand while Brijmohan comments that he is old-fashioned so he does not understand Bollywood celebrities.

When Faltu brings tea for Birjmohan and Neil, Neil looks at Faltu with amazement, stating that he has found a model for their company today.

He explains that big celebrities will not resonate with the audience since their target audience is normal people so they should make Faltu their brand ambassador.

Faltu tries to deny it by saying that she knows Neil wants to insult her in front of everyone but Brijmohan tells Faltu that Neil's idea is actually brilliant.

Birjmohan suggests Faltu accept the offer as it can help her to move on and do a fresh start in her life again while Neil also exclaims that this campaign can help Faltu to get recognized by the cricket association.

Neil tells Faltu that she can make the Mittal family realize that she is sufficient enough alone which makes Faltu finally agree to do this modelling.

She even recalls Ayaan's words after seeing how Neil is motivating her to become extraordinary while Neil corrects her posture so she can look like more of a model.

Meanwhile, in Mittal's mansion, Ayaan tells Janardhan that this deal with Brijmohan will be proven worthy for them as their brand will get recognition.

Tanisha objects to Ayaan's comment by saying that Ayaan is not alright yet so he should not attend the party and she also further comments that Faltu will also be there in the party.

She gaslights Ayaan by claiming that Faltu is responsible for Ayaan's weak health and that Faltu did not even care to show up to check on Ayaan.

However, Janardhan and Kingshuk call Tanisha a liar for hiding the truth which makes Tanu look at them with a pale face.

Ayaan starts shouting at Tanisha for creating distance between him and Faltu after Kingshuk informs him about how Savita and Tanisha humiliated Faltu.

Tanu looks horrified as Ayaan announces that he and Faltu are inseparable so he will very soon bring Faltu to the Mittal house.

Later, Faltu calls Amarji, the servant to inquire about Ayaan's health and she feels relieved after learning that Ayaan is recovering perfectly.

Amarji even tells Faltu that Ayaan is going to attend the party despite Tanu trying to stop him so Faltu cuts the call.

After the call gets cut, Tanisha slaps Amarji for passing the information to Faltu, claiming that Amarji shows more loyalty to Faltu than to this family.

However, Kumkum scolds Tanisha for being rude to Amarji while the rest of the family also yells at Tanisha for behaving this way.

In the meantime, Neil surprises Faltu with the pastry which makes Faltu upset as she recalls Ayaan but Neil makes her laugh by making silly jokes.

Later, Tanisha tearfully tells Ayaan that she has done so much for this family yet Ayaan always finds a way to insult her.

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