Faltu 5th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 5th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 5th February 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 5th February 2023 episode starts with Angoori telling Ratan that Faltu and Jamuna would definitely ask for financial help once Faltu approaches the hospital.

Ratan tells Angoori that Faltu will not visit the hospital as Charan has asked everyone to stay out of the matter and avoid coming to see his condition.

Meanwhile, just in case Faltu comes to the hospital, Angoori tells Pappi to offer money to them and in return, ask Faltu's hand for marriage.

On the other hand, Faltu goes to the hospital to see Charan's condition while Ayaan questions himself for not being a good husband as he sits on his bed in Mittal House.

Back in Ittarpur, Angoori accuses Faltu of Charan's condition as she went to Mumbai without thinking of her family, while, Faltu asks her to take her to Charan.

Jamuna tells Angoori not to put blame on Faltu as she along with her husband, Ratan, and Pappi are responsible for Charan's condition.

In Mittal House, Suhana asks Ayaan about a Rajasthani sweet that she has completely forgotten about.

She tells him that it was cooked by Faltu and wants to know the name.

Ayan tells her the name of the dish is "Malai Ghewar", as he goes into the flashback when Faltu cooked Malai Ghewar for him and he helped her in picking up the items placed on the cupboard.

Ayaan begins to question himself about giving his heart to Faltu which has been a wrong decision for him.

Later, Aman calls Ayaan to tell him about Charan's condition due to which he's in the hospital.

Faltu cries while seeing Charan's condition and requests him to open his eyes as she has come back now.

However, Charan asks her to leave since Angoori, Pappi, and Ratan would pressurize her.

Back at Mittal House, Sid receives a call from Aman about the accident due to which he gets worried about his plan to being flopped.

Meanwhile, the doctor tells Faltu and her family members that Charan needs to get operated for which they require 5 lakhs.

Faltu decides to arrange the money at any cost and tells Charan not to worry about the amount and asks him to focus on his health.

Sid doesn't want to let Tanisha go away because of Faltu so he calls Pappi for help.

Sid asks Pappi to send Faltu back to Mumbai at any cost.

On the other hand, Ayaan discusses Faltu and Charan's condition with Tanisha, saying he wants to help Faltu's family.

Tanisha requests Ayaan to lower his stress and assures him that she would help Faltu in any way she can.

Ayaan questions himself again for getting diverted to Faltu even though when he wants to get her away from his life.

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