Faltu 5th July 2023 Written Update

Faltu 5th July 2023 Written Update

Faltu 5th July 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 5th July 2023 episode starts with Ruhaan telling Ayaan that he is enjoying his miseries and helplessness.

Ruhaan states that he will never get Faltu in his life and Ayaan warns him to not take Faltu's name so loosely.

Seeing Ayaan turning red in anger, Ruhaan tells Ayaan that his love was never enough for Faltu and thus she chose Ruhaan over Ayaan.

Ruhaan asks Ayaan to accept the truth as that will be the best for him and Ayaan asks Ruhaan to call Faltu as he will only leave after she confesses the truth to him.

Meanwhile, the stranger tells Faltu that he heard her conversation and feels sad for her but Faltu tells him that her goddess is there by her side to make things smooth.

The stranger tells Faltu to come along with her to take shelter but Faltu refuses saying that she cannot take any more favours from him and bother his family.

He tells Faltu that he has no one at his home and states that the loneliness eats the person from the inside asking Faltu to not roam on the road in the dark hours.

Back at Sachdeva's, Ayaan screams Faltu's name and Ruhaan reprimands Ayaan asking him to lower his pitch as neither it is his house and nor Faltu is his wife.

A furious Ayaan asks Ruhaan why is he doing everything and Ruhaan tells him that he wanted Janardhan Mittal to see him but he is okay talking to Ayaan as he is no less than him.

Ayaan bashes Ruhaan to take Janardhan's name with respect and Ruhaan shocks Ayaan by saying that Janardhan is no more than a murderer to him.

Ruhaan states that Janardhan cheated Avinash and Avinash could never recover from the trauma.

He blames Janardhan for snatching his and Shanaya's childhood from them and making his family suffer emotionally, physically, and financially.

Ruhaan tells Ayaan that he only wanted to grow up so that he could take revenge for every single drop of tear dropped from Avinash's eyes.

Further, Ruhaan narrates to Ayaan that Avinash trusted Janardhan so much that he took loans to help Janardhan with money unaware of Janardhan's ill intentions to never revert his money back.

On the road, Faltu asks the stranger to help her with a job and he assures Faltu that he will ask his friend to offer the sales job to her.

Further, the stranger loses balance but Faltu holds him in time telling him that she will come along with him and cook dinner for him.

Elsewhere, Ruhaan tells Ayaan that Janardhan cheated on Avinash and Avinash suffered through the hands-on money lenders.

Ayaan not believing Ruhaan tells him that Janardhan cannot do anything.

When Ruhaan calls the security, Ayaan warns him that he will have to pay back to him and Ruhaan murmurs that he is sorry for putting Faltu through everything.

Meanwhile, Sumitra tries waking up Sid and informs him that Janardhan has stepped out to meet Ruhaan leaving Sid-Tanisha shocked.

Simultaneously, the stranger gets Faltu his home and asks Faltu to stay till the time she wants and Faltu tells him that she will not bother him much.

Further, Faltu informs the stranger that she can even work hard as she is a sportswoman and informs him that the association banned her from playing.

At Mittals' house, the hospital staff informs Savita that Ayaan has left the hospital and Savita scolds the staff and weeps heavily.

Janardhan returns home and gets shocked by Ayaan's missing news but just then Ayaan walks in relieving everyone.

Ayaan tells Janardhan that he has to talk to Janardhan about Ruhaan and informs everyone that Faltu visited Ruhaan's place.

He asks Janardhan to come with him and mentions Avinash Sachdeva leaving Janardhan shocked.

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