Faltu 5th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 5th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 5th March 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 5th March 2023 episode starts with Faltu getting disappointed, as the man Kanika meets is not Vishal.

She quickly leaves for Mittal house, fearing that her absence for a long time could arouse suspicion. 

At Mittal House, Janardhan gets skeptical of Faltu due to her absence and asks for Rocky's ID proof.

Tanisha tries changing the topic by telling everyone brightly to get ready for the party which is to take place in the evening on time.

Everyone replies in affirmation to her request.

Ayaan continues to talk to his man to get an update on Vishal but in vain. 

In the cafe, it is revealed that Kanika actually knew that somebody was following her car and had purposefully changed her plan of meeting Vishal. 

She is now worried as to who the person could be as her only suspect in mind is Ayaan. 

On the other hand, Faltu reaches Mittal house, only to be surrounded by a ton of questions about her identity. 

However, she has come prepared, and confidently shows them the Zumba fitness card with the name "Roshanlal Bhati". 

She tells them a convincing story that Rocky came to the city to fulfill his dreams, by going against his family who knew nothing about him as of now. 

Janardhan though is still doubtful and even taunts Rocky that he should not have gone against his family. 

Soon, everyone leaves in order to get ready for the evening. 

Faltu's anxiety comes down as she proceeds to the kitchen, only to be stopped by Ayaan midway, holding her hand.

He points out instantly that for a man, Rocky's hands are too soft and delicate.

Faltu's anxiety grows hearing this, but she manages to convince him by saying that it is just how Rocky is.

Ayaan changes the topic and apologizes to Faltu on behalf of his father who taunted Rocky for following his dreams. 

He says that he should pursue his dreams passionately and wishes him the best, being reminded of Faltu. 

Faltu is guilty of hiding so much but quietly proceeds to go to the kitchen.

She takes the responsibility to make all the dishes listed by Tanisha single-handedly, shooing everyone out to leave her alone.

With the help of recipes on the internet, she completely immerses herself in cooking by saying the name of Lord Hanuman.

In the evening, everyone is pleased to see the pretty decorations done by Tanisha. 

Kanika arrives at the place too and whispers to Tanisha, telling her about the incident which took place in the morning. 

Tanisha gets troubled hearing this, but before they could discuss it anymore, Kinshuk calls them to click some photos together. 

However, Faltu overhears their conversation from the kitchen and is sure that Kanika has something to do with Vishal. 

She makes a mental note to keep an eye on Kanika's movements. 

Meanwhile, everyone is ready to celebrate the night of Ayaan and Tanisha's newly wedded life.

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