Faltu 6th April 2023 Written Update

Faltu 6th April 2023 Written Update

Faltu 6th April 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 6th April 2023 episode starts with Tanu telling Kanika that Ayan will be there to look after her and if not then too she must learn to look after herself.

Meanwhile, Sid tells Kanika that Tanisha should go alone as she is not a child.

Sumitra tells Sid that he should go with Tanisha or she will not be able to manage in a village.

Just then, Ayaan comes there and asks about Savita who is absent.

Dadi lies to him about her but Ayaan understood that his mother disapproves of his decision.

Meanwhile, Tanisha assures him that Savita will accept his decision once her anger cools down.

After a while, Sumitra chides Sid for not going with Tanisha while Sid tells him that he is playing a long game and is needed here to finalise Ayaan and Tanisha’s divorce.

Later, Savita looks from the balcony, when Ayaan is finally leaving while Mayawati suggests that she should understand Ayaan while Savita tells her that she cannot forget Janardhan’s many favours, especially when he accepted when they were all alone.

She is disheartened by Ayaan’s decision to put Faltu above his family and father and tells Dadi that she will not let Faltu stay in Ayaan’s life as she is not the girl for him.

On the other hand, Tanisha chirpily talks about the scenic beauty of the village and refuses to stay at the five-star hotel outside it.

Ayaan tries to convince her that she will not be comfortable in the village but Tanisha tells him that in order to do the market research she will have to stay between the people.

Tanisha continues to play her game and asks Faltu if she has any problem with her living at her home while Faltu innocently tells her to live however she pleases.

Meanwhile, Charan brings Jalebi (traditional sweets) for Faltu and expresses his happiness on her arrival.

Faltu’s mother, Jamuna, and sisters are equally excited to welcome Faltu and celebrate her birthday the next day.

Just then, Angoori comes to express her hatred and disgust for Faltu and reminds them that it was Faltu who killed their son.

However, Faltu’s mother tells her that she was in the wrong till now and proudly tells Angoori that she will rectify her mistake and celebrate Faltu’s birthday.

Just then Som tells Charan that Faltu has arrived and has brought guests with her.

Charan’s family expresses their surprise at the arrival of guests and asks Faltu why she did not tell them about them as they have been busy preparing for her birthday. 

As Ayaan expresses surprise on hearing about Faltu’s birthday, Tanisha comes out and introduces herself as Ayaan’s wife.

Later, Tanisha tells Faltu to not delay the matter and tell the truth that she has come to tell them.

Seeing the curious and worried look on Charan’s face, Ayaan tells Tanisha to stay out of their matter but Tanisha refuses to back down.

She tells Ayaan that she is only trying to help them while Charan asks Faltu what is the matter.

Seeing Faltu quiet, Tanisha tells Charan that Ayaan and Faltu have taken a decision in their life while Charan gets angry and questions Faltu to explain clearly what is the matter.

Faltu falters seeing Charan angry, while Ayaan tells Charan he took Faltu to Mumbai on his responsibility but has failed her in many ways but now he wants to rectify his mistake and wants to marry Faltu.

Charan raises his hand in anger at Ayaan when Faltu comes in between.

However, Charan questions Ayaan for asking Faltu’s hand in marriage while bringing his wife along with him.

Tanisha uses the opportunity to fuel the fire and tells Charan that although Ayaan married her with full consent now they are divorcing each other because Ayaan loves Faltu.

She also emphasizes on the fact that Ayaan is jobless now so he can concentrate more on Faltu’s training.

Tanisha’s words are a shock for Charan and he feels ashamed on Faltu’s behalf.

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