Faltu 6th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 6th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 6th February 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 6th February 2023 episode starts with Faltu's family returning to the village while villagers keep on taunting them.

The villagers demand Faltu to leave while Angoori and Ratan smirk in victory.

However, Faltu tells her parents to go inside while Pratap stays back to support Faltu.

Faltu asks the villagers what they were saying while Angoori tells her to get inside and not dare to speak against the villagers.

Faltu laughs as she tells Angoori that her turn will come too and addresses the villagers, asking if they do not want their daughters to be stubborn and shameless like her.

The villagers shout in agreement while Faltu tells them to answer in the same energy about what wrong she has done by wanting to help Charan financially.

Faltu gives a strong wake-up call to the villagers as she tells them that if her playing cricket is wrong, then their watching it is also wrong as they are more proud than the father of the cricketer who breaks records.

Faltu tells them to not be a part of this sin and tells them to speak up now.

Some guys and girls start supporting Faltu's words while Angoori shoos them away.

Further, Faltu also reveals Angoori's plan to take over Charan's property and tells her that she won't let it happen.

Faltu mocks the villagers, telling them to come inside her house to see the drama too.

However, the villagers leave while Datta tells Pappi that he should show his manliness and teach Faltu a lesson.

Pappi tells him that he will be jailed if he does that and to teach her a lesson, he needs to get Faltu to Mumbai again.

In Mumbai, Tanisha tells Sid that she'll convince Janardan if he finds out about Faltu and tells him to bring Faltu to Mumbai at any cost.

Back in Faltu's house, she tells Angoori and Ratan to remember that there are laws protecting their rights and threatens to get them locked up in jail if they try to take even a single penny from them by force.

Faltu confidentially says that she will gather money for the debt and Charan's surgery while Angoori taunts, asking who will hire her.

Faltu reminds her that not all employed people are educated and answers her boldly that she will forget that they are family.

Ratan asks her whose power is she speaking all this and reminds her that her dream of being a cricketer is still only a dream.

Just then, the employee from JM Mart comes there and informs Faltu that Tanisha and Sid have offered her a job in the Mumbai branch without needing any qualifications.

Faltu thinks that she cannot take any more offers from Tanisha after talking back to her so much and thinks that she cannot hurt Tanisha anymore by having the possibility of her finding out about Ayaan filling Faltu's hairline.

Back in the present, Faltu lies that she has already gotten a job offer and declines the offer from Sid and Tanisha.

Later, in Mumbai, Tanisha gets worried and thinks that Ayaan is secretly helping Faltu while Sid feeds into her doubt and makes her even more insecure.

Back in Ittarpur, Angoori and Ratan taunt Faltu after learning that she has no other job while she apologizes to Charan saying that his surgery could have been done sooner if she had accepted the offer.

However, Charan blesses her as he says that he knows why she did it.

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