Faltu 6th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 6th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 6th March 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 6th March 2023 episode starts with everyone assembling together and Tanisha announcing that they will be playing some games that make them understand the compatibility between them.

The first game is to take out chits containing certain questions about their partner’s likes and dislikes which the other is supposed to guess.

However, Ayaan isn’t able to guess Tanisha’s preferences, while Sid promptly answers each question correctly, smirking.

Tanisha too isn’t able to give all the answers correctly and feels dejected about it.

The starters are served, and everyone is delighted by eating the delicacies prepared.

Amidst this, Faltu notices Ayaan about to eat a kebab that contains a sweet potato.

Knowing that he is allergic to sweet potatoes, she quickly runs towards him and shakes the kebab off his hand.

This gains the attention of everyone staring at Faltu who instantly says that the dish contains sweet potatoes so she could not let him have it.

Everyone is relieved that Ayaan is saved from eating the kebab.

However, Daadi loudly asks Rocky about how he knew the fact that Ayaan is allergic when it is his very first day working at the Mittal house.

Faltu is scared and quickly looks around to find her bait.

She spots Amarji (the servant) and announces that it is actually Amarji who has informed her previously, making her aware of the fact.

Everybody thanks Amarji, who himself is surprised by Rocky’s claim, but does not retaliate.

After some time, the second game takes place where Ayaan and Tanisha try to balance a balloon together and make it to the finish line.

However, they end up dropping the balloon on their way.

Rocky who is also present in the audience, suggests that they should not focus on the balloon, but on each other’s eyes to make it to the finish line.

Ayaan challenges Rocky to come to do the task with him if he feels it is easy to master.

Faltu refuses at first, but upon further persuasion from everyone, she agrees to do the task.

She simply locks her eyes with Ayaan and slowly moves forward.

To everyone’s astonishment, they both make it to the finish line.

Tanisha sincerely tells Ayaan in front of everyone that even though their relationship hasn’t begun well, they would try to make it better gradually, to which he gives her a small smile.

Just then, Kanika’s phone rings and she excuses herself to answer the phone in hurry.

Faltu follows her but is disappointed to find her talking to someone else.

At the party, Ayaan and Tanisha dance together, while Sid watches them in jealousy.

Then, all the family members dance together, and Faltu too is pulled in by Ayaan.

After the dance, Faltu prepares everything at the dining table, when she notices her hair coming out of the wig.

She quickly stuffs it back in when Ayaan arrives there, alarming her.

She manages to stuff her hair back in and amuses Ayaan to distract him from noticing her trying to adjust the wig.

Tanisha notices Ayaan expressing his emotions freely and is thankful that Rocky is hired as their cook.

After the dinner, Savita manages to persuade Kanika to attend the upcoming festival of Holi with them.

As Kanika is about to leave, Faltu AKA Rocky lightly flirts with her, amusing Kanika and Savita by seeing his notoriousness.

Actually, Faltu does this in order to gradually get close to Kanika, thereby her phone, which holds the information about Vishal.

She decides that she must find out about Vishal before Holi and find the real culprit behind her defamation. 

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