Faltu 7th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 7th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 7th February 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 7th February 2023 episode starts with Mayawati and the whole family seated at the dining table while she informs everyone that she is organizing a Puja for Ayaan's better health and that he & Tanisha will be the ones to do the Aarti.

Meanwhile, Tanisha texts Sid enquiring if he found out anything about Faltu's job while Sid writes that Pappi knows nothing about it.

In Ittarpur, Ratan questions Charan's decision on sending Faltu to Mumbai and asks if he's not afraid of the low class anymore.

Faltu tells him that he is the one who didn't help her when she needed it the most and mocks Ratan that he couldn't even give money to his elder brother.

Charan says he fully knows the motives behind his sudden concern for Faltu as he wants them to leave along with Faltu so that he can easily snatch the money.

Ratan walks away saying that it seems like Charan has already decided what to do.

Charan gets emotional and asks Faltu to allow him and Jamuna to come along with her.

Jamuna asks Faltu how she will manage when her sight isn't even back fully yet.

Meanwhile, Lajwanti also wants to return back to Mumbai but keeps the thought to herself.

Charan then asks Faltu to always remember her dream of being a cricketer though she may be doing some other job for a time being.

Meanwhile, Ayan and all the cousins decide to play truth and dare.

Tanisha chooses Truth and she is asked how much she loves Ayan and she replies that more than anyone can imagine.

However, when Sid asks Ayan what is the most precious thing in this life, Kinshuk makes a comment about whether it will be Tanisha or someone else.

Everyone falls silent at this comment but Kinshuk laughs and says he asked this since Ayaan is such a workaholic.

The whole gang asks Ayaan to close his eyes and check if it's Tanisha whose face he sees or things from work.

When Ayaan does so, he sees Faltu's face and immediately opens his eyes and excuses himself without answering the question.

Sid wonders out aloud who could he have seen that he couldn't tell any of them and Tanisha gets visibly distressed.

The next morning, Faltu is able to catch a ball thrown her way accidentally and is surprised that her eyesight is back.

She feels happy when Madhuri comes along with the landlord to ask Faltu if she can identify them now.

Faltu later picks up a newspaper to look for a job and decides to walk and explore around since she can finally see.

When Madhuri tells her to be careful that she doesn't fall, Faltu replies she won't fall now as now it's her day to fly.

At Mittal House, Sid privately informs Tanisha about Faltu's arrival in Mumbai and urges Tanisha to let Faltu work in their Maart.

Sid asks about the conversation with Kanika but lost in her thoughts, Tanu doesn't answer his question.

Tanisha just says that she needs to do whatever needs to be done to make Ayan hate Faltu.

Later in the evening, the guests start arriving but Tanisha sneaks out of the puja and asks Sid to cover for her.

Around the same time, Faltu calls Charan and updates him about her eyesight and tells him that she is finding a job while Charan asks her not to worry as he is sure, she will find something.

After cutting the call, Faltu decides to take Goddess Durga's blessings to pray for her future but gets shocked to see Tanisha. 

Faltu asks Tanisha if Ayaan is okay while Tanisha gets infuriated immediately by Faltu's question.

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