Faltu 7th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 7th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 7th March 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 7th March 2023 episode starts with Sid inquiring about Faltu’s presence in Ittarpur. 

He is bewildered to know that Faltu is not in her village, nor in Mumbai, and thinks about where could she have gone.

Sumitra also arrives and they both express their doubts to each other.

Just then, they spot Rocky standing at the door, staring at them with a plate of food. 

Rocky AKA Faltu has actually come to bring Sid food to his room as he did not eat with everyone and coincidently ends up overhearing their conversation. 

Siddharth is angry and warns him to not try to get friendly, shooing Rocky out. 

Faltu keeps the food there and leaves his room, thinking as to why Sid is so interested in her.

Meanwhile, Ayaan enters his room to find it elaborately decorated by Tanisha, who approaches him seductively, trying to get close. 

However, all that comes in front of Ayaan’s mind is the face of Faltu and his determination to know the vermillion truth.

He tells Tanisha that he has an upset stomach and that a walk would help him and goes out of the room.

Tanisha regrets pacing her steps to get closer to Ayaan, feeling bad about it.

On the other hand, Faltu sneaks out of the Mittal house and meets the boys who helped her previously at the entrance. 

The boys confide to her about the three girls who falsely framed Faltu, saying that they found them going to malls and pubs, spending lavishly.

Faltu strongly suspects that they are enjoying their bribe money, and tells that they must wait until she tries to get some information off Kanika's phone, which she would on Holi, and only then take further steps.

Faltu's friends also tell her about the cricket tournament which is to be held on Holi and that they have already registered for her.

They assure her to make all arrangements and the only work she has to do is to get free by 3 pm.

Faltu agrees to the plan, saying that she is doing all this so that her dream of playing cricket, and the tournament would help her prove it, and they leave to act on their plan. 

Meanwhile, Ayaan comes into Rocky’s room to settle his thoughts, only to find it empty, when suddenly the light goes off. 

He sleeps on the bed, just like he would before when the room belonged to him.

Faltu is tired from the day’s activities and comes into her room and swiftly removes her disguise.

However, she is horrified when she hears Ayaan in the dark and quickly puts her disguise back, but is unable to find the moustache. 

To make things worse, the electricity comes back and she quickly places a handkerchief on her face to hide her bare face.

She tells Ayaan that she has caught a cold and he too would get infected if he came too close to her and pulls him to get out of the room. 

While at it, she notices a lipstick stain on Ayaan’s neck.

After closing the door, she thinks that it is good that Ayaan and Tanisha’s relationship is improving, but strangely feels hollow inside.  

On the day of Holi, everyone is busy with the preparations when Rocky AKA Faltu arrives at the place, offering Gujiyas.

Ayaan tastes them and remembers the Faltu giving her the same kind of Gujiyas in Ittarpur.

Kinshuk is delighted by tasting the Gujiyas and runs behind Faltu to give her a kiss as a sign of appreciation. 

Faltu is horrified and runs all over the place to get away from him, and runs into Kanika in the process, who drops her phone because of it.

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