Faltu 8th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 8th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 8th February 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 8th February 2023 episode starts with Tanisha asking Faltu about her health and asking her why she refused her offer to join the academy. 

Faltu tells her that she has got another job and will soon repay her. 

Tanisha tells her that she can take all the time but tell her where she got the job. 

Meanwhile, Ayaan is looking for Tanisha and wonders where she can be. 

Tanisha once again asks her where is she working but Faltu tells her that she should not concern herself with that as she cannot take another favour from her as she is already drowning in her debt. 

Tanisha tells Faltu that she cannot walk away from them so easily as she is bound with Ayaan by a vermillion. 

Faltu looks shocked at Tanisha’s revelation. 

Meanwhile, Sid asks Kanika if she knows where Tanisha is as she has gone to meet Faltu. 

Kanika is shocked to hear Sid and tells him that she has no clue.

Meanwhile, Tanisha shows Faltu her confession about Ayaan putting Sindoor on her. 

She also accuses her of betraying her friendship and becoming Ayaan’s second wife. 

Faltu tells her that the Sindoor is an aberration and means nothing as only Tanisha is Ayaan’s wife and that is why Faltu has left them all and did not accept her job offer eleven. 

However, Tanisha tells her that she is not so innocent as she has taken money from Ayaan for Charan's treatment. 

Meanwhile, Dadi and Savita ask Ayaan about Tanisha and he goes to search for her. 

After a while, Ayaan looks for Tanu in her room and finds it empty and gets worried about facing Dadi’s anger.

Faltu tells Tanisha that she has not taken any help for Ayaan and she only wants them to be happy. 

However, Tanisha tells her that Ayaan is still so much involved with her that even simple news about her turns her restless. 

She begs Faltu to help her get Ayaan and tells her to fill Ayaan’s heart with hatred toward her. 

Faltu agrees to help her as Tanisha tells her to pay her debt by doing this favour to her. 

Meanwhile, Pandit Ji asks to call the son and daughter-in-law for the Pooja. 

Just then, Tanisha comes there and butter Dadi by telling her that she went to get this special Sindoor that will add life to Ayaan’s life.

Later, Aarti begins at Ayaan’s house while Faltu gets ready to come back into Ayaan’s life to get away from him. 

Meanwhile, Tanisha tells Ayaan that Faltu is back in Mumbai.

She tells him that she has offered the job to her but Faltu refused it by saying she has got a better job somewhere. 

She portrays that Faltu is talking about repaying her as soon as possible. 

Ayaan tells her to not bother about Faltu as she is not worth the time of their day. 

Meanwhile, Faltu prays to God for strength and leaves. 

Elsewhere, Tanisha is laying a trap for Ayaan so that she can take him to the party where Faltu will be waiting for them. 

At the hotel, Tanisha turns Ayaan’s attention to Faltu who is dancing to the beats of the music with other girls, dressed in western outfits. 

Tanisha fills Ayaan’s head with doubts about Faltu and who she has been keeping company. 

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