Faltu 8th June 2023 Written Update

Faltu 8th June 2023 Written Update

Faltu 8th June 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 8th June 2023 episode starts with Tanu bumping into Kanika and telling her that she has something to say.

Kanika asks her what is the problem and asks her if the family members are at the hospital.

Tanisha asks her for a decorator's number since she wants to welcome Janardhan and Dadi.

Kanika tells her that it's of no use and tells her that she should stay in her room only.

Just then, Shanaya comes there and tells them that she will decorate the house since her brother bought it.

She smiles and says that she will welcome the family very nicely while Tanu gets in her face and asks her who is she to welcome her family.

Tanu tells her that she is the family's daughter-in-law but Shanaya isn't anyone.

Before Shanaya and lash out her anger, Kanika calms her and takes Tanu to her room upstairs.

Later, Ayaan, Faltu, and other family members return home when they see the decoration and think that it must be another one of Tanu's tricks.

However, Shanaya comes there and welcomes the family as she informs them that she is the one who did the decoration.

Tanu comes there and taunts Shanaya for decorating the house while Ayaan retorts that it is good that Shanaya is the sister of the owner since Tanu wanted to snatch the house.

Shanaya asks if she can stay now that everything is fine while reminding Faltu that she asked to stay before but Faltu had sent her back.

Faltu tells Shanaya that she can stay as long as she wants and takes her away while Ayaan thinks that Faltu needs to spend her time practicing.

Later, he gets a call from Charan and Ayaan tells him that he sent him money since he learned from Faltu that they had a financial problem.

Charan says that he had a call about that only and informs Ayaan that he has no financial problem at home, making Ayaan confused.

Ayaan disconnects the call and gets worried when Faltu comes there with his coffee.

He questions her and asks for her phone to see whom she was talking to.

Faltu again lies to him that Charan could not accept in front of him about his problems since he is the son-in-law of the family.

Ayaan understands and agrees to leave for work while Faltu calls Charan later.

He asks her what's happening and she tells him that she has lied a little for the family and tells him to not worry.

Charan starts talking about Faltu's cricket career which makes Faltu emotional.

Back at the office, Ruhaan tells Ayaan that he wants him to go to every branch of J&M Mart and mentally prepare the employees about the takeover and have them keep the trust that has been built.

Ayaan talks about the cricket state trials and tells Ruhaan that he will manage with calls for a few days.

However, Ruhaan refuses saying that they cannot compromise with the business, and tells him that he'll be leaving in a few days.

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