Faltu 8th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 8th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 8th March 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 8th March 2023 episode starts with Faltu apologizing to Kanika and then complimenting her, which makes her smile, forgiving Faltu for her mistake.

Meanwhile, Vishal breaks the rules of the hospital by drinking alcohol in daylight. 

The nurse tries to convince him to cease doing so but fails and ends up calling Kanika.

Kanika calls Vishal and orders him to quit putting up his act, but Vishal accuses her and tells her that he is frustrated from being kept isolated from the world.

Kanika assures him that it wouldn’t be long before he is allowed to come out of his ambush, and tells him to silently remain at the hospital without causing any problems, cutting the call.

However, she is alarmed when she sees Rocky AKA Faltu standing at the entrance of her room with a cup of coffee, intently staring at her.

Faltu quickly tells her that she has just come to the room to give her coffee, which Kanika likes very much.

Faltu advises Kanika to detox from using her phone for the next two days and enjoy the festival in the company of her daughter and the other family members.

In the evening, everyone assembles for the preparations of Holika Dahan, and Faltu too helps in the preparations.

The priest asks Ayaan and Tanisha to circumambulate the Holika with a thread.

However, the thread falls and Faltu comes to pick it up, unconsciously circumambulating the Holika with them.

Faltu notices that Kanika does not have her phone with her, and takes the opportunity to quietly go to her room and try to find her phone.

She concentrates on the way Kanika moves her fingers to enter the pin and tries imitating the act, and by her luck, the phone opens.

However, before she could investigate any further, Tanisha’s voice interrupts her and she is horrified to find her standing right behind her, staring at Faltu suspiciously and she quickly switches the phone off.

Tanisha asks what Rocky is doing in her mother’s room, to which Rocky instantly replies that he has actually come to get the coffee mug that he has previously brought for Kanika and found her phone lying while at it, and is just going to return it to her.

However, as Tanisha is already here, Rocky hands over the phone to her and proceeds to leave.

Tanisha stops Faltu and tells her how Ayaan likes the food made from her hands and requests her to keep asking him if he needed anything from her.

She further tells Faltu that right now, Ayaan’s mental as well as physical health matters to them the most. 

Faltu replies in affirmation and finally leaves the room, relieved that she isn’t caught.

She thinks to herself that the next day, she would once again get the opportunity to get her hands on Kanika’s phone, for she would be busy celebrating Holi with everyone and brightly gets back to work.

The next day, the Mittal residence is brightly decorated to celebrate the festival of Holi.

Faltu is busy preparing the food for everyone beforehand so that she could leave for the tournament on time.

Tanisha arrives at the kitchen and appreciates Rocky’s hard work, and Rocky gives the reason that he is going to meet her friends in the evening.

Kinshuk arrives at the place and prohibits Faltu from leaving, saying that she should experience the grand celebration of Holi in the Mittal residence.

Tanisha looks at Rocky AKA Faltu’s face and assures her that she could leave by 1 pm and then meet her friends.

Faltu is happy and agrees to the plan, making a mental note to also try to get her hands on Kanika’s phone.

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