Faltu 8th May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 8th May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 8th May 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 8th May 2023 episode starts with family members visiting Ayaan in jail and informing him that lawyer Malhotra has refused to take his case.

As Ayaan looks stressed, Janardhan assures him that they will get a lawyer by the morning.

Ayaan tells Janardhan, Harshavardhan and Kinshuk to return home as the family must be waiting for them.

Further, he looks at Faltu with love in his eyes and tells her to take care of herself and everyone, urging her to keep on practising for her trials.

A teary-eyed Faltu declines his order and tells Ayaan that she will only practice now when he will be out of jail.

Ayaan reminds Faltu of her and her family’s dream of becoming the Indian cricketer while the police officer interrupts them and asks them to cut their emotional drama.

As the family leaves, Ayaan breaks down and tears flow down his cheeks.

Back in the Mittal house, Sidharth requests Tanisha to eat something who is lost looking at Ayaan’s photo on her phone.

Kanika joins them and tries feeding Tanisha while she cries thinking about Ayaan’s condition in the jail.

Sidharth assures Tanisha that he will take care of Ayaan and asks her to look out for herself.

Tanisha further tells them that she will take care of Ayaan and get him released from jail, making Sidharth furious at her.

She rushes out while Kanika and Sidharth discuss the family trying all their efforts to find a lawyer for Ayaan.

In the meantime, Janardhan asks Kinshuk to call the family members into the hall.

Frustrated by Tanisha, Janardhan announces a separate kitchen for Tanisha and Sidharth making everyone shocked.

Faltu walks to Janardhan and asks him to calm down as they are not in a position to take such a decision and reminds him of Kanika’s warning.

As the family members ask him, Janardhan tells them about putting the Mittal house on lease to seek money from Kanika for the business.

Faltu pacifies him and asks him to not take any decision in a hurry and wait till Ayaan is out of jail.

She assures him that no matter the evil to be winning the race initially but it is the truth that overpowers everything eventually.

Faltu's dream makes her STRONGER!

The next day, the police get Ayaan to the court and he is gathered by the Media who bash him with demeaning questions.

Savita seeing Ayaan’s vulnerable condition steps forward for him while the media shoots awful questions at her as well.

Unable to let reporters take a dig at his family, Ayaan takes the gun in his hand and shoots himself since he cannot see his family getting insulted in front of him.

Mittal's are shocked by Ayaan shooting himself while Savita falls unconscious and Janardhan gets a heart attack.

Faltu wakes up furiously and realises that she was dreaming and promises herself to put all her efforts to save Ayaan anyhow.

Further, Faltu knocks on Tanisha’s bedroom and she tells Faltu that she is really worried for Ayaan and calls her selfish.

However, Faltu reads the written note on the paper announcing her leaving Ayaan and focusing on her ambition only.

Excited Tanisha hugs Faltu and appreciates her for taking a good decision at the right time.

She asks for the letter from Faltu and assures her that as soon as she leaves, the family will be back to being joyful.

Faltu tears the letter apart and tells her that she will not let her ruin their lives.

She tells Tanisha to not scare the Mittal family so much that they are not afraid of anything anymore.

BATTLE begins between Faltu and Tanisha!

Further, Faltu wishes her luck in the battle and warns her to be cautious enough as she will get Ayaan out and punish the culprits behind everything soon.

She flashes the paper on Tanisha’s face and leaves from there.

The next morning, Faltu prays to the god while Kanika calls her out for not letting Tanisha have a quiet sleep.

However, Tanisha joins them in the hall and calls Faltu selfish and her pretence in front of Janardhan.

Further, Faltu tells Tanisha that the news might make her sad but they’ve found the lawyer for Ayaan.

While Kinshuk informs the family that the lawyer isn’t picking up the calls anymore, it makes the Mittal family stressed again.

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