Faltu 9th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 9th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 9th February 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 9th February 2023 episode starts with Ayaan scrutinizing Faltu from top to bottom while Tanisha exclaims in surprise to see Faltu there and dressed in a short dress.

Ayaan wants to leave when Faltu begins to tell her friends that she has been using Ayan Mittal as a ladder to become a good cricketer but that plan flopped when she found out about him being married.

She even mocks Tanisha for giving twenty lac rupees for her treatment.

However, she says that she will return the money as soon as she gets a new and rich boyfriend to pay off her debt.

She also tells her friends that all she cares about is her aim and ambitions and not how she gets to them.

As Faltu is about to leave, she sees Ayaan and Tanisha standing there while Ayaan looks furious and asks Faltu why did she not tell him that she only wants to use him to get to her dream.

However, Faltu also gets angry and tells him that he never listens to anything she tells him as she told him many times to stay away from her.

Ayaan tells her that he was a fool to believe a girl like her and she is not worth the time.

He also reminds Faltu that she is able to see only because his wife has given her the money for the operation.

Faltu gets angry and tells him that she will pay back every penny to him.

Ayaan asks her how Faltu is planning to pay 20 lakh rupees while Faltu tells him that she will take a job and return all his money even if she has to become a maid at someone’s house.

Ayaan tells her that if she is so ready to work, then she should become a maid in Mittal House.

Faltu gets tongue-tied at Ayaan’s proposal while Ayaan mocks her high talks.

As he is about to leave, Faltu accepts his challenge.

Tanisha gets worried as it was not part of the plan while Ayaan tells her the time to reach home for work.

Later, Tanisha messages Faltu to wait for her outside her chawl at 12 AM.

At home, Tanisha updates Sid about Faltu’s stupidity who accepted Ayaan’s challenge.

Sid tells her to calm down as Faltu is coming home as they had wanted.

Tanisha tells him that she is not sure that what happened tonight is of any use to her.

Meanwhile, Faltu is reliving Ayaan’s hateful comments and scolds herself for taking the challenge to be a maid.

She tells herself that by working there, she will sow the seed of hatred in Ayaan’s heart.

Meanwhile, Sumitra comes to Sid to enjoy the news of Faltu coming to work as a maid and makes plans for the wonderful drama that they can create with Faltu in the house.

Later, Tanisha comes to meet Faltu and questions her about accepting the job while Faltu assures her that she will do something that will anger Ayaan and he will throw her out of the house himself.

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