Faltu 9th January 2023 Written Update

Faltu 9th January 2023 Written Update

Faltu 9th January 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 9th January 2023 episode starts with Pappi going inside the next room in which Faltu is.

Luckily, Faltu comes out of the room after Pappi has gone inside his room.

Meanwhile, at the Mittal's house, Rijula asks Ayaan if he loves Tanisha, Ayaan says that there is no love yet but still there is friendship and a lot of respect and trust.

Ayaan says that Tanisha loves him and trusts him and he will never break that trust at any cost because he understands the pain of getting the trust broken by someone special.

Tanisha calls Kanika and says that she finds it futile to stay away from Ayaan for the next 30 days.

Kanika tells her that it is only for 30 days, after which Kanika will herself plan her honeymoon in Switzerland. 

Kinshi, Su, and Isha enter Tanisha's room and start teasing her.

Kinshu asks Tanisha how is Ayaan doing to which Tanisha replies that she believes Ayaan has withdrawal symptoms as he has forgotten his wife on the second day after marriage.

Siddharth enters and says that Tanisha is keeping the wrong expectations from the wrong person.

Siddharth says that he will talk to Janardhan and do Ayaan's work in the office while Ayaan can be free for the next 30 days.

Meanwhile, Faltu, Charan, and Pratap come out of their hotel room to leave for the hospital while Paapi is already present at the reception, calling Siddharth. 

Paapi snaps at him and says that Siddharth is living a luxurious life while the police are after Pappi's life.

Pappi then inform Siddharth that Faltu is in Mumbai with her father.

Siddharth says that he will reward him grandly if he finds Faltu.

Pappi leave the reception at the same moment when Faltu, Charan, and Pratap enter.

Back at the Mittal's house, Ayaan joins everyone at the breakfast table joyfully. 

Janardhan and Savita tell Ayaan to stay and spend time with Tanisha while Siddharth will manage the office.

Mayawati says that Ayaan will take her to the eye hospital because lately, she has had some vision impairments. 

Meanwhile, Faltu reaches the hospital and waits for her appointment. 

Mayawati is getting her eyes checked, Doctor Monica tells her that everything is fine with her eyes and she only needs to cut back time from using Mobile phones. 

Ayaan tells the Doctor that Mayawati spends the entire time binge-watching the series and takes her phone from her.

Ayaan and Mayawati leave the Doctor's cabin but are spotted by Pratap.

Faltu gets nervous when she learns that Ayaan is present there as well.

Faltu says that they have to leave now as Ayaan can't see her like this.

Charan tells Faltu to relax because there is a lot of crowd around them and so Ayaan will not focus on them.

However, Faltu still insists on moving away from there, Pratap and Charan help her get up but accidentally run into a lady.

The lady creates a scene in which Pratap tells her that Faltu's vision is compromised. 

Ayaan overhears this conversation and recognizes Pratap's voice.

However, before Ayaan could reach there, Faltu and the others have already moved forward. 

Mayawati asks Ayaan to leave as Tanisha will be waiting for them.

Back at Kanika's office, Kanika scolds her staff that they could only select 10 cricket players while they were in need of 16.

Mr. Chadha tells Kanika that they will have 16 players by the end of the month and she will have her cricket team of 16 players.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Doctor Monica tells Faltu and the others that she can get her eyesight back but the chances are only 50 percent and the cost of the treatment and surgery will be 15 lakhs.

Her words leave Faltu, Charan, and Pratap in shock. 

Back at the office, Siddharth takes over Ayaan's cabin and instructs everyone not to talk about Ayaan while he is in charge.

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