Faltu 9th June 2023 Written Update

Faltu 9th June 2023 Written Update

Faltu 9th June 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 9th June 2023 episode starts with Janardhan going through the family album while the family members argue about which series to put on for Dadi.

However, Daadi states that she just wants to sit with all of them.

Faltu tells Kinshuk that he should bring back Aisha while the family supports the decision and even agrees to go together to go to her.

Suhana comes there and reminds them that it is Ayaan's birthday the next day and the family plans to surprise him the next day.

Ayaan comes there just then and informs them that he needs to go and do field work for J&M mart which shocks the family members.

Ayaan brings Faltu to the room and tells her that he won't be able to train her for a few days while Faltu suggests South Mumbai Cricket Academy.

He asks her how she will get admission and she lies to him that she went with Shanaya and the lady told her since the lady had seen her viral video.

Ayaan does not question much and says that it's for the better since she will be able to focus on herself and he also needs to focus on work.

The next day, Ayaan wakes up alone in bed and wonders where Faltu is while he talks about her not wishing him since it is his birthday.

Just then, Faltu comes in a beautiful saree holding a plate of pooja while Ayaan asks her if it is a special day.

Faltu states that she is just happy that the family is back together and she had gone to the temple to pray for them.

Later, the whole family talks about Faltu's cricket while Janardhan says that he doesn't think Faltu will leave the family and put cricket at the top of the priority list.

Further, Shanaya drags Faltu to her room and shows her the cricket equipment while Faltu tells her to calm down.

Suhana comes there just then and questions them while Faltu lies that the equipment is Shanaya's.

Shanaya leaves the room while Suhana asks about Faltu's plan for Ayaan's birthday.

Shockingly, Faltu tells her that she made a plan but Suhana, Siddharth, and Tanisha are not invited and leave the room.

Later, Sid, Tanisha, and Kanika enter Ruhaan's office cabin while Tanu complains about having to get an appointment.

Ruhaan reminds them that he is the owner while Tanu tells him that he can keep the company but she wants to buy back the Mittal house.

Ruhaan taunts them saying that they are the ones who sold the house and now they want to buy it back.

Back at the Mittal house, Ayaan greets the whole family one by one hoping for someone to wish him a happy birthday.

As he is about to leave, Shanaya rushes to him to tell him happy birthday but stops seeing Faltu shaking her head.

Faltu also greets him normally and gives him a lunchbox while he scolds her for not practicing and leaves.

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