Faltu 9th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 9th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 9th March 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 9th March 2023 episode starts with Faltu heading upstairs on her way to Ayaan and Tanisha’s room to serve them their breakfast.

Meanwhile, Tanisha shakes Ayaan’s phone away from her and requests him to play their very first Holi together.

She tells him how she wishes to be the first one to apply gulaal on Ayaan, and proceeds to put colour on him.

However, Ayaan takes hold of her hand and having taken the upper hand, takes a handful of gulaal and throws it on her.

Tanisha manages to duck and at the same time, Rocky AKA Faltu opens the door, only to be covered with gulaal.

In her anger, she impulsively throws gulaal on Ayaan right back, covering him up in the bright colour.

Tanisha is sad that she couldn’t be the first one to apply colour on him and scolds Rocky for entering without a knock.

Faltu quickly apologizes and leaves the room.

Tanisha manages to bring Ayaan downstairs to play Holi, much to the surprise of all the family members. 

The celebrations commence as everyone throws colour on each other and enjoys the snacks prepared by Faltu.

Ayaan catches the gang of Harshvardhan, Kinshuk, and Sid about to have their “special” Thandai, which he tells them to share with him too, or suffice Janardhan's scoldings.

Meanwhile, Faltu tries to get her hands on Kanika’s phone on the pretext of offering snacks but is unable to.

Whenever she tries to get the phone, someone always notices her, making her retract her moves to avoid suspicion.

Sumitra asks Sid if Ayaan has really developed feelings for Tanisha as he did something he never would normally do upon her persuasion.

Sid gets furious and disheartened hearing this.

On the other hand, Ayaan likes the “special’ Thandai very much and drinks up two-three bottles of it, much to the horror of Kinshuk and Sid.

Soon the effects of the specialty of the Thandai sets in and Ayaan suddenly finds himself with Faltu in a white Saree as he imagines hr.

He lovingly puts her gulaal and dances with her, while in reality, everyone looks up at Ayaan who is dancing alone with a mixture of amusement and suspicion that he has drunk something weird.

Meanwhile, Faltu is troubled by not being able to get her hands on Kanika’s phone. 

She tries her best but she isn't able to pull off the task.

According to her plan, it is almost time for her to leave the Mittal house and go to her friends, who must be in hiding, silently waiting for her to come out so that they all could reach the tournament.

Thinking that she is anyways not able to get Kanika's phone, she decides to leave earlier.

She proceeds to leave when she suddenly finds herself surrounded by Kinshuk, Sid, and Ayaan, who look at her wickedly, with gulaal in their hands.

Faltu knows too well what is to happen next.

She has tried her best till now to not get too coloured up, just to be safe that her disguise didn’t come off.

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