Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 11th April 2024 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 11th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin episode starts with Surekha saying to Ishaan that he'll fix the Gudi this year and as she is about to call Reeva for the same Asmita stops her.

After that, Asmita asks her to come aside and tells her that Surekha always follows every ritual and tradition of their house and is strict about them but today she is making a mistake in following it.

Meanwhile, Surekha asks her to clarify what she wants to tell her after which Asmita says that whether she thinks it'll be good for their house if Ishaan and Reeva will fix the Gudi.

She adds, that Ishaan and Savi are married in front of god thus Reeva shouldn't fix the Gudi with Ishaan give an example of Chinmay and how he refused to fix Gudi with Shikha on their first Gudi Padwa and after that, he never returned home and adds what if Ishaan also left them which scares Surekha.

Further, Surekha and Asmita come back and Surekha asks Savi and Ishaan to fix the Gudi together which shocks everyone after which Savi and Ishaan do so also with the veneration of Gudi.

After that, Savi and Ishaan wish the new year to each other while Reeva looks upset after which Surekha gives a watch to Yashwant as a gift which he likes and says it depicts time's importance in his life while Durva teases him saying it means Surekha needs his time.

Meanwhile, Yashwant says that his whole life belongs to Surekha while the other wives also give gifts to their husbands after which Swati asks Reeva to give her gift to Ishaan.

However, she hesitates initially but eventually gives it to Ishaan as Surekha insists while Savi feels jealous after which Ishaan finds an expensive diamond pen as a gift and everyone praises it.

After that, Savi feels bad and takes her gift back to the room while Ishaan asks Surekha to make him wear a garland which makes Surekha remember Chinmay but she makes Ishaan wear the garland.

Further, Ishaan asks Surekha to make him wear Chinmay's garland also as she misses him and Surekha does so after which they share a sweet moment.

In the kitchen, Asmita and Shikha prepare to make Mango juice and Poori and say it's their specialty just then Surekha comes there and they ask Surekha to make Mango Juice as same as every year.

They also state that it's a favorite of Ishaan and Chinmay and they used to fight for it in childhood just then Surekha remembers a flashback of them and refuses to make Mango juice getting emotional.

After that, Asmita and Shikha cancel to make Mango juice and say Ishaan will be upset so Savi decides to make it.

Further, everyone likes Savi's food and Asmita reveals it's made by Savi and she was in the kitchen for the last two years which angers Ishaan and he leaves asking them to get ready for college as today is extra classes.

Later, he gets Savi's gift and Savi questions him why he left suddenly also tells him that she brought that gift for him while Ishaan scolds her for not focusing on her studies and angers more when he gets to know Savi has solved only one paper.

Just then, he receives a call from Prateek and leaves in tension so Savi worries for him and thinks if she should go after him.

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