Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 15th February 2024 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 15th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein 15th February 2024 episode starts with the commissioner Sanjeev telling all the attendees about a great IPS officer, Virat Chavan. 

Savi smiles to see Virat’s picture while Sanjeev sings praises for Virat who is a true patriot.

Meanwhile, Ishaan attends Surekha’s phone who tells him that Savi has escaped by the balcony. 

Ishaan tells her that he knows that Savi is attending the seminar at the public library which makes Surekha suspicious and she asks him if he has given this idea to her. 

However, he tells her that he did not know about it and that Savi does not tell anything to him as well. 

Assuring to bring Savi home immediately, Ishaan goes inside but Sanjeev has already given the seminar and Savi has followed him. 

After a while, Savi introduces herself to Sanjeev as Virat and Sai's daughter which makes the commissioner very happy.

He expresses his sorrow at the loss of SaiRat and that he was transferred right after the incident and when he returned they all were gone. 

Expressing his surprise to see Savi married, Sanjeev tells her to come with him to meet his daughter. 

Meanwhile, Ishaan finds out from the organiser that Savi has left with the commissioner.

On the other hand, Reeva tells Ishaan to call commissioner Sanjeev and asks him to send Savi home. 

However, Ishaan tells her that he cannot call her because it will seem like he is spying on his wife. 

Reeva tells him that he can tell him that he needs to talk to Savi urgently and that she does not have the phone.

After a while, Reeva arranges Sanjeev’s number and tells Ishaan to call her. 

On asking about the password, Reeva tells him that it is the day when she first met him. 

After a while, Sanjeev picks up the phone and expresses his delight at hearing from him. 

On being asked, he tells him that Savi is not with him and has gone back home. 

Later, Surekha fumes in anger to see Savi return and scolds her for leaving without her permission. 

On being accused of showing childish behaviour, Savi tells Surekha that it was she and not her who was behaving childishly by locking her in her room despite her assurance that she would not go. 

Just then, Ishaan and Reeva arrive and Ishaan questions Surekha if she locked Savi in a room. 

Surekha is caught red-handed and lies to him that Savi was being stubborn about going to the seminar leaving her no choice. 

Savi is shocked at Surekha’s blatant lie and tells Ishaan that Surekha is lying and asks Asmita and Shikha to tell the truth. 

Before Asmita and Shikha can say something, Surekha begins to feel dizzy and Ishaan and Reeva run to catch her. 

Surekha pushes Ishaan away telling him that Savi has become more important to him and he is the one responsible for Savi’s behaviour to wards them. 

Reeva tells Ishaan that he and Savi should leave as they are stressing Surekha and asks Shikha to bring Surekha’s medicine. 

In his room, Ishaan scolds Savi for breaking her promise while Savi tells him that what Surekha did to her was injustice and she never tolerates that.

Ishaan tells her that it is not about justice and injustice but Surekha’s health and now she is angry with them both. 

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