Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 15th May 2024 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 15th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein episode starts with Swati and Vinayak asking Ishaan to tell them what is his plan for his and Reva's future but he does not say anything after which they yell at him then Reva asks them to not say anything to him.

Reva says that Ishaan has just come from the hospital after which he needs some rest so she asks her parents to come home along with her after that she is about to go but Ishan holds her hand and asks her if she will not listen to his decision.

Meanwhile, Savi is about to tell her and Ishaan's truth to Harinee after the nurse comes there and says that Harinee needs to have something first after which she gives her lunch to eat.

Savi says that she will feed Harinee with her hands after that Harinee asks Savi if the Bhosale family has become fans of her cooking or not after that Savi recalls the days when she used to cook for Ishaan and his family.

Just then, the nurse tells Harinee that she is blessed to have Savi as a sister and Ishaan as her sister's husband who always takes care of her after that she tells Harinee that a few days ago Savi had a huge fight with Ishaan but now they have come together again.

Harinee starts coughing after which Savi recalls Ishaan's words that she cannot give any stress to Harinee as she has just come out of the coma and she won't be able to handle any stress after that Harinee advices Savi to not fight with Ishaan as he is such a good man.

On the other hand, Vinayak asks Rao Shabe if Ishaan is planning to bring Savi and Harinee to Bhosale Mansion then he will break Reva's Rishta with Ishaan and if still Reva will keep bonding with Ishaan then she will see his dead face.

Rao Saheb becomes angry and asks him to not say such things after that he assures him that Ishaan will follow his instructions and not bring Savi back to the house.

Meanwhile, Harinee asks Savi where is her mangal sutra after which Savi is about to tell the truth but Ishaan comes there and lies to Harinee that she has kept her mangal sutra in her locker.

After that, Ishaan tells Harinee that the doctor has given her discharge and she can come back home tomorrow after that he asks Savi to stay with Harinee tonight, and tomorrow he will take both of them to his house.

Harinee asks him how can she come to his house after that Ishaan says that it is her house also she has to come there after that he goes from there whereas Savo goes behind him and asks him why he wants her to come to his house.

Ishaan tells her that he is guilty of being the murderer of her family so it is his responsibility to take care of them until Harinee becomes well while Savi says that the Bhosale family will tell the truth to Harinee then it will be riskier for Harinee's health.

After that, Ishaan tells her that he took permission from his family to bring Harinee there but in return, he has promised Reva that he will not leave her.

On the next day, Shikha and Ashmita cook for Harinee while Surekha asks them to not show so much love to them Harinee and Savi get ready to go back home but Savi suggests that they should take a room on rent and live there but Harinee does not accept it.

Savi goes to bring Harinee's discharge papers but Harinee notices a mangal sutra in Savi's bag after which she asks her when she will lie to her.

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