Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 17th March 2024 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 17th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein episode starts with Yashwant and Surekha like the dinner arrangements done by Mukul while everyone gets seated as Savi makes everyone wash their hands.

She brings the food made by Ishaan as she says that this is the best dish of today.

Everyone tastes it as Mukul says that whoever cooked this deserves a prize as he gets a call and excuses himself.

Meanwhile, they are about to take a picture but realize that Anvi is not there as they get to know that she is not fine.

Savi finds something fishy as Savi gets ready in her room but struggles to tie her necklace.

Mukul comes there and touches her inappropriately while he offers to help her wear the necklace.

Anvi tries to save herself and tries to push him away while he insists on helping her and keeps making her uncomfortable.

He takes her dupatta as Savi sees this while he pretends that he came here because he was concerned.

He goes to Savi and asks her to check Anvi if she is fine and he leaves.

Anvi decides to tell it to Savi as Asmita reaches there and handles the matter, knowing Mukul has visited Anvi.

She asks Savi not to worry, but Anvi gets irritated due to her sickness.

She lies to Savi while Asmita covers up the matter and asks Anvi to come for dinner.

Savi gets suspicious.

Meanwhile, Yashwant and Surekha feed the food to each other as Durva clicks their pictures.

The family is happy for them when Anvi reaches there as Mukul stares at her and smirks while Savi observes Anvi disliking his stare and crying.

Reeva asks Anvi to try the dish prepared by Ishaan and Anvi tastes the dish and likes it.

Savi wants to find out the truth while Mukul tells Yashwant that he claims to love his sister's family but it's a lie since he notices worries in the men of the house but doesn't know the reason.

He asks Yashwant, Nishikant, and Ishaan the cause of their concern as He wants to know why they didn't share their sorrow.

Ishaan asks him not to worry while Mukul offers help to them and he says that he gets peace when he helps people.

He asks Ishaan why he has hidden the matter and decides to provide the funds for the medical wing.

While Ishaan refuses, Apsara asks Ishaan not to refuse Mukul while asking them to please smile.

Surekha thanks Mukul as he says that it’s a gift for Yashwant and Surekha’s anniversary.

Asmita asks Anvi to have food while Mukul requests Yashwant to give him a daughter from the house.

Anvi chokes on the food as Mukul requests to make Reeva the head of the medical wing.

Reeva gets happy and thanks him for considering her for the position.

Concurrently, Anvi feels dizzy as she is about to faint and Savi goes to Ishan to talk about Anvi to him.

Reeva sees them and wonders what is going on while they all get upset to see Ishan following Savi every time.

Subsequently, she tells him everything while Ishan refuses to believe.

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