Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 26th May 2024 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 26th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin episode starts with Bhanwar saying to Savi that Kaira is his mother figure and has raised him while Savi gets impressed by Bhanwar achievements that he has achieved a lot being a orphan when there was no one to support him.

Meanwhile, Bhanwar credits it to Kaira and feeds them the sweet in the meantime, Ishaan feels jealous seeing Bhanwar feeding sweets to Savi.

After that, Reeva tries to take him from there but Ishaan refuses to go saying he wants to spend time with the children of orphanage.

Just then, Bhanwar comes to him and says that Ishaan should go if Reeva is saying after which Ishaan and Bhanwar argue over Bhanwar trying to get close to Savi.

Meanwhile, Bhanwar asks Ishaan that why he is jealous even if he is getting close to Savi just then Savi comes there asks Ishaan to not argue with Bhanwar while Ishaan taunts Savi for taking help from Bhanwar and says if he is more important for her.

Further, Savi says that why Ishaan has problem even if Bhanwar is important for her and asks him to leave and meet her in court tomorrow.

Later, Kaira talks with a orphanage worker that why Bhanwar lied that she has raised him and he is an orphan while Bhanwar warns her to continue the act.

There, Reeva confronts Ishaan about his behaviour and he covers it up while Reeva says that she just got insecure and expresses her love for Ishaan after which he leaves remembering Savi's love confession.

On the other hand, Bhanwar romances with Savi's cut out and says that tomorrow after divorce Ishaan will be out of her life then they'll be together and no one would be able to come between them.

The next day, Surekha congratulates Ishaan for his divorce with Savi and tries to feed him curd and suger while Ishaan and Savi remember their past memories and leave for the court.

Outside, Savi meets with Shukla who is coming back taking stuff from the distant market by walking and faints after which Savi worries for him.

Just then, Bhanwar comes there to drop Savi to the court and sees this after which he thinks Savi shouldn't be late for the divorce thus he asks a constable to disguise as a doctor and treats Shukla while he takes Savi to the court.

In the court, the judge asks them why they want to divorce after which Savi tells him that she and Ishaan aren't compatible while Ishaan tells him that Savi doesn't try to understand his point of view.

Further, the judge asks that do they have any good memories together after which Ishaan says yes but Savi says no.

She adds, that all her good memories with Ishaan have turned bitter and Ishaan angrily agrees with her after which the judge informs them that their divorce will be granted in 1 month.

After that, they leave the court being broken after which Reeva congratulates Ishaan for his divorce while Surekha tells Ishaan that they are going to Chandika Temple for night stay and tomorrow his and Reeva's engagement will be done there.

On the other hand, Savi also decides to go there on Sai and Virat's death anniversary while Ishaan says that he'll join them later in the temple.

However, his car got broken on the road and he gets to know that he can go to the temple by bus.

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