Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 27th February 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 27th February 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 27th February 2023 Written Update: GHKKPM written update

Today's Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein 27th February 2023 episode starts with Virat stopping the car at seeing Sai wiping her forehead and comes running, asking her if she is alright or if Ajay Kamble has done something to her. 

However, Sai tells him that she is the one who slapped Kamble hard, telling him to not threaten her or else she will rain down on him with thunder. 

Virat gets angry at Sai for involving herself with Kamble and shouts at her for risking her safety despite his warning. 

He is about to share his fear of losing her again and changes the sentence making it about Savi. 

However, Sai is not intimidated and tells him that she will take care of herself and he should not interfere in her life. 

He tells her that she is not the same Sai who use to beat goons before.

Sai also get enraged and tells him that goons like Kable do not scare her and she is conscious of her responsibilities too. 

Seeing Sai leave, Virat tells her to come with him as he is going home too. 

Later, Virat recalls his junior’s information on Kamble and gets worried.

After a while, Virat and Sai come home and Vinayak runs inside after seeing Sai while Patralekha gets angry seeing Sai and Virat together. 

Meanwhile, Savi runs to Virat to welcome him and asks them to play with her. 

However, Sai tells her to go inside as it is not the time. 

Sai is hurt at Vinayak’s reaction and complaints to Virat for filling Vinayak's mind against her.

Meanwhile, Virat tells her to call him as soon as anything happens while Sai tells him that she does not need his help as she can take care of herself.

Later, Virat is busy on his phone trying to understand Kamble’s profile while Patralekha observes his indifference and comes to question Virat for being busy with Sai on the phone. 

Virat tells her to not talk nonsense while Patralekha complains about picking Sai up. 

He also tells her that there was some reason behind what he is doing while Patralekha insists on knowing his reasons. 

Just then, Virat hears some disturbance at the gate and goes to check the intrusion thinking it might be someone hurting Sai. 

At the gate, Virat is relieved to see youngsters drinking alcohol and warns them off. 

Later, Patralekha questions Virat about behaving like a teenager and reminds him of being a father of two. 

Virat gets angry and tells her to stop being paranoid and that he has better things to do than argue with her about her baseless accusations. 

Ajay Kamble jumps down the wall into Sai’s house in the dead of the night and opens the window to enter her room where she is asleep. 

Ajay walks to Sai with his knife and sees Savi sleeping beside Sai. 

He picks up Savi and walks away while Savi calls for him.

Virat wakes up with a start and goes to check up on Sai and Savi. 

Virat thinks of doing something for Sai and Savi’s safety and stands guard on them till morning. 

Soon Virat gets attacked by mosquitoes and after trying to battle with them, Virat gives in and uses Sai’s Saree from the hanger to cover himself. 

The next morning, Patralekha wakes up to see Virat gone and spots him sleeping outside Sai’s door wrapped up in Sai’s Saree. 

Patralekha feels disgusted and assumes guarding to be some teenagerly infatuation where he sits outside to be near his girlfriend. 

She takes the garden scissors and cuts Sai’s Saree into pieces while Virat remains asleep. 

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