Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 28th March 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 28th March 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 28th March 2023 Written Update: GHKKPM written update

Today's Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein 28th March 2023 episode starts with the judge asking Patralekha’s lawyer to begin the proceeding. 

Patralekha’s lawyer tells the court that Dr Pulkit and Dr Sai operated on Patralekha and during the second surgery, Dr Sai turned it into an opportunity and removed Patralekha’s uterus out of spite. 

Patralekha tells the judge that Dr Sai came into their life with an ambition to break off her family.

She has so much hatred in her that she ignored her Hippocratic oath and removed her uterus to exact revenge on her. 

She accuses Sai of being responsible for her family’s turning away from her as she cannot give the family an heir. 

Patralekha tells the court that Dr Pulkit is her accomplice and does not deserve to practice medicine. 

With the judge’s permission, Sai tells the judge that she and Dr Pulkit had to operate on Patralekha due to an emergency as the hospital was three hours away. 

Sai points to Dr Satya to testify at the nursing home where Patralekha was operated on. 

Dr Satya helps Sai

Dr Satya asks Dr Sai and Dr Pulkit why did they not let the patient die when they cannot prove it was an emergency. 

The judge tells Satya that a doctor has to prioritise saving patients' life. 

Dr Satya asks the judge what is the use of the oath that puts the doctor in court for doing his job. 

He also points towards the success of the first operation that saved Patralekha’s life. 

However, Patralekha’s lawyer questions the surgery which had to be performed again. 

Dr Sai tells the court that the reason for the second surgery was not their poor operation but Patralekha’s carelessness. 

Virat testifies about Patralekha’s careless behaviour along with Ninad and Ashwini. 

Patralekha blames Sai For Her Carelessness

Patralekha agrees to be careless but blames Sai as her husband was more interested in her and was mentally and physically stressed. 

She tells the court that Virat was busy giving CPR to Sai while she was stuck on the bus, ready to die. 

She also cries about not being asked about removing her uterus.

Dr Pulkit tells Patralekha that they had taken Virat’s consent for the operation. 

However, Patralekha accuses Sai of manipulating Virat because she wants to take Virat and Vinayak from her. 

Sai tells Patralekha that she has no interest in Virat, today or in future. 

She also tells the court that at the time of the operation, they were not aware that Vinayak is her son and requests the court to only address matters related to the case. 

Sai also asks Patralekha’s lawyer if he has any proof other than baseless accusations and crocodile tears. 

The lawyer asks Sai about her intentions for living in Chavan's house while Sai tells him that she is living because of her son, Vinayak. 

The lawyer tells the court that Sai has some interest in Patralekha’s family and therefore purposely removed her uterus, therefore, she does not deserve to practice medicine and play with people’s life. 

Dr Satya questions Virat

Dr Satya sides with advocate Manore (Patralekha’s Lawyer) and seeks permission to prove this point.

He also seeks permission to question Virat to prove Patralekha’s point. 

Dr Satya asks Virat about saving Sai while his wife was stuck on the bus. 

On hearing yes from Virat, Satya asks him how he found Patralekha after the accident. 

Virat tells him that while searching for Patralekha, he heard Sai’s scream and when he reached there, he saw Sai fighting of the crocodile to save Patralekha. 

Dr Satya looks amused and asks him if a slim woman like Sai fought off the crocodile to save Patralekha alone but operated in front of hospital staff and nurses to purposely remove the uterus. 

Patralekha tells the judge that this is all hearsay as no one saw what happened while Virat assertively tells the court that he saw it. 

Dr Satya asks Virat if he and Sai try so hard to favour Patralekha, then why she hates Sai so much. 

Turning to the judge, Dr Satya seeks permission to ask this question to Patralekha as it will prove Patralekha’s accusations that Dr Sai and Dr Pulkit conspired against her. 

Afterwards, he asks Patralekha to explain to the court how she sees Dr Sai as a person. 

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