Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 29th May 2024 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 29th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin episode starts with Ishaan coming to Savi's house and seeing her on the window.

Meanwhile, Savi remembers Ishaan's love confession for Reeva while Ishaan remembers Savi's love confession after which he remembers that Savi wants the divorce as soon as possible and leaves from there.

The next day, Savi comes on her shop and prays to god that she came to Pune from Ramtek to fulfill her dream but now she doesn't have anything other than her dream.

She adds, she wants to be an I.A.S officer at any cost so the god should help her so she doesn't get weak in front of anyone or any memory cannot stop her.

After that, she reads the book while cleaning the shop and does other chores after which Harinee, Savi, and Shukla start working at shop.

Just then, Sandhya comes and gives offerings to them after which she notices Savi has the fever while Savi tries to ignore it but Harinee asks her to go home and take rest.

There, Ishaan gets ready and sees Savi's cufflinks just then he remembers his engagement with Reeva while Reeva comes and asks him to come with her to select nuptial chain.

However, Ishaan tries to postpone it but Reeva forces him just then Ishaan gets Harinee's call so he sends Reeva away after which over the call Harinee gets to know about Ishaan's engagement while Ishaan gets to know that Savi is sick so Ishaan goes there making an excuse to Reeva.

Further, Savi remembers recent events at the home and thinks that's why she wanted to keep herself busy in work after which she decides to study but feels dizzy.

Just then, Ishaan comes and worries for her while Savi asks the reason of his arrival after which Ishaan says because Savi can't take care of herself.

After that, Ishaan says he'll make tea for her and boils water for Savi to take steam while Savi feels emotional seeing Ishaan's care and as she takes steam she remembers his engagement with Reeva.

Ahead, Savi goes to Ishaan and asks him why he is caring for her when they share no relationship.

She adds, he shouldn't be there as otherwise, Reeva will rebuke her again and his presence hurts her just then Bhanwar comes there with coconut water and fruits.

Ishaan tries to send Bhanwar away but Savi takes stand for him and asks Ishaan to go while Bhanwar thinks that Savi also likes him.

Later, Savi apologizes for Ishaan's behaviour while Bhanwar says him spoilt brat after which Savi takes a stand for Ishaan ans says he cares for her and even made tea for her.

After that, Bhanwar doesn't let her drink tea and asks her to have fruits then as Bhanwar leaves Savi drinks Ishaan's prepared tea thinking Ishaan shouldn't care for her as it hurts her.

There, Ishaan also seems hurt remembering Savi while Bhosle's select nuptial chain for Reeva just then Ishaan comes and tells Surekha a lie when she asks about where he gone.

However, Chinmay catches his lie while Reeva shows various nuptial chain to Ishaan to select after which Ishaan imagines Savi instead of Reeva.

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