Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 2nd July 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 2nd July 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 2nd July 2023 Written Update: GHKKPM written update

Today's Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein 2nd July 2023 episode starts with Rao Sahab telling Shikha that he came to the city with his name and tells the family and his wife that not only the video be deleted but the whole account.

Both the girls get excited as they take Shikha's phone to delete the account.

However, Ishaan comes there just then and seeing Shikha crying, asks her what has happened.

Rao Sahab lies that she is just missing her husband while Ishaan tells Shikha that they will call Cheenu (Chinmay) after the Pooja and ask him when he is returning.

While scoffing, Rao Sahab says that Chinmay won't reply while Rao Sahab's wife says that he will reply when Ishaan asks him.

Rao Sahab laughs saying that he knows the bond between those two even though they are just cousin brothers.

His aunt comes there and asks Ishaan to introduce them to his would-be wife.

Ishaan jokes that he would need to get married many times since there is not a girl who has all the qualities he desires.

Ishaan's tailor-made girl!

As he says that he has told Bappa to have a girl tailor-made for him, the doorbell rings.

The girls joke that his tailor-made girl has arrived while Ishaan opens the door and sees Rewa.

He calls her a stalker when she asks him if he lives there.

Rao Sahab asks Ishaan who it is and he states that his student who mistook the house for the college.

However, Reeva does not pay heed to him as she enters the house and introduces herself as Swanand's daughter to Rao Sahab.

Surekha recognizes her when Rao Sahab tells her that she is Guddi.

Guddi-Chintu reunite!

She greets everyone and sits with them while Rao Sahab tells her that he got upset at first when he learned that she got admission on her own at their college but when he learned that she wanted to get the admission on her own, it made him very happy.

Rao Sahab asks Ishaan and Rewa if they recognized each other and reminds them how they used to call each other Guddi and Chintu.

Surekha and the rest of the family convince Reewa to stay back for the celebration of Ekadashi.

Back at the Chawan house, Bhawani comes to call Savi to have dinner while she sees her studying and gets angry.

Savi tells her that she will eat later but Bhavani tells her to eat right now and go to sleep so that she looks refreshed in the morning as the family of the boy is coming.

Further, Savi thinks that she has to save energy for her debate and does not argue with Bhavani more.

As the Patils are having dinner, the family tells Rewa to stay with them while she asks if the Managing Director of the college has any problem with her staying there or not.

Ishaan smirks saying that the MD might have a problem with a student staying but if it is his childhood friend, then he has no problem.

She asks Ishaan what his name means and he gets distant and says that the name holds no meaning for him.

Ishaan-Shantanu's broken relationship 

Shantanu reveals how Ishaan's name is made by joining his parent's name while Ishaan says that his parents do not matter to him as he leaves the dining table.

On the other hand, Harini wakes up due to the flashlight of Savi's phone telling her to go to sleep while Savi complains that Bhavani is not letting her turn on the room lights.

Hearing Bhavani's footsteps, Savi and Harini act of falling asleep while Bhavani sees Savi's phone's flashlight on.

Savi starts snoring which gives away her facade as Bhavani takes away her phone.

Once Bhavani leaves, Savi takes Harini's phone and continues her preparation for the debate.

Elsewhere, Rewa goes to sit beside Ishaan on the swing and tells him to give her his hands.

She puts snacks on his fingers reminding him about their childhood PPP (Papad Pipe Party).

Ishaan smiles thinking about their childhood while Rewa asks him what should she call him.

She again talks about his name and he leaves from there while Ishaan's father, Shantanu watches them.

Ishaa is Ishaan's mother!

Rewa asks him if she asked something wrong he tells her that her asking was not wrong but the question itself is wrong since it touches Ishaan's heart.

Shantanu goes to his room and admires the photo of his wife Isha (Savi's mentor) and Ishaan while recalling how they named him Ishaan.

He thinks about how and when the bitterness in Ishaan's heart will go away and they will be a perfect family again.

The next day, Savi gets a call on her phone and she escapes Bhavani's eyes to get her phone.

Ishaa tells Savi on call to tell her to reach the location on time since they have to leave in an hour.

Meanwhile, the Chawan family is getting the house ready and doing preparations since the groom's family has arrived.

As Savi is talking to Sai's picture about how she's going to complete her dream, Bhavani overhears her.

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