Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 31st March 2024 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 31st March 2024 Written Update

Today's Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein episode starts with Yashwant saying that no function will take place until Savi leaves this house.

He asks Ishaan to throw away Savi out of the house after which he goes from there.

Just then, Ishaan brings Savi into his room and scolds her for always creating problems for herself and him.

Ishaan says that he has to find a solution for it while Savi asks him to look at the truth and says that she is feeling very bad for Anvi.

Savi says that Anvi is not safe in her own house where her whole family lives with her whereas Reva asks Surekha to take the medicines.

Surekha denies after which Reva insists that she does not ask Savi to leave the house but Surekha does not agree.

Just then, Ishaan comes there and tells Surekha that Savi will leave the house as per Yashwant’s instruction.

Meanwhile, Mukul asks Apsara why didn’t she take his stand when Savi was making fake allegations about him after which Apsara turns around and gives a weird look to him.

Apsara asks if she needs to tell anything to him when the party begins and Dhruva tells her friend that finally,y Savi is leaving the house.

Shikha feels bad for Savi and says that Savi always gets stuck in a problematic situation after that Savi comes out along with her luggage.

Dhruva is happy to see Savi there while Nishikant asks Savi to go from the back door of the house as he does not want guests to question them.

Mukul stares at Savi while she follows Nishikant’s instruction and is about to go but she stops and comes in the hall.

Savi goes on the stage and takes the mic and says that she wants to announce something important.

Nishikant asks Ishan to stop Savi while Ishaan asks him to wait whereas Savi asks guests to go on the lawn and enjoy the food as Pandit Ji is going to organize a great pooja in which only family members are required.

After that, guests go from there while Surekha comes into the hall to see what is happening whereas Yashwant yells at Savi and asks her to stop her drama.

He says that he asked her to leave the house but why she didn’t leave the house after which Savi says that he can show as much anger as he wants.

Savi assures him that she will leave the house but before leaving the house she wants to show something to everyone.

Then, she plays the recording of the Holi party in which Anvi is telling Mukul’s truth which everyone hears which makes Mukul anxious.

Nishi asks Ashmita what Anvi wants to say but Ashmita does not say anything and asks him to hear the audio.

Apsara gets angry at Mukul and shows eyes to him while Mukul comes in front and says that it’s Savi’s new drama while Savi says that now he cannot do anything.

Ashmita cries while seeing the video while the whole Bhosale family feels bad seeing the video.

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