Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 4th June 2024 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 4th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin episode starts with Ishaan thinking how should he tell Savi that how much he loves her and their misunderstandings are bothering him just then he sees the bail papers in the car after which he decides to return it to Bhanwar as otherwise, he'll trouble Savi again.

There, Ishaan reaches the police station where he sees that the goons who has beaten Abhijeet are having tea on the tea stall while discussing that how Bhanwar has beaten them for Savi also asks them to beat Abhijeet as he is obsessed with Savi.

They say that it's good that Abhijeet didn't die otherwise, Bhanwar would've sent Ishaan to the lock up and Savi is an innocent girl.

Meanwhile, another goon says that they shouldn't think about that but just follow the order of Bhanwar that they should stay away from Ishaan after which Ishaan listens to them and take them inside the police station.

After that, he confronts Bhanwar about his deed while Bhanwar tells Ishaan that he loves Savi thus he did that and Ishaan should stay away from Savi otherwise, it won't be good for him too.

He adds, that Savi won't even believe him if he tells Savi about him while Ishaan warns him to stay away from Savi as he and Savi are dangerous for him.

As he leaves, Bhanwar vents his frustration out while Ishaan asks Savi to meet him in the office and Savi agrees after the initial denial.

Further, Ishaan warns her about Bhanwar while Savi says that she knows Bhanwar is interested in her but she has clarified to him that the feelings aren't mutual.

At the same time, Ishaan says that Bhanwar hasn't understood her and is crazy after her after which Ishaan tells her that Bhanwar has made Abhijeet beaten by the goons.

He asks Savi to believe in him while Savi says that he is thinking so much after which Ishaan asks her to trust him that Bhanwar is dangerous for her and the people around her.

Meanwhile, Savi asks him to mind his own business but Ishaan confesses his love while it turns out as his dream and he says that Bhanwar is troubling him too thus he is warning her.

Then, he gives her the city police commissioner number to contact in the emergency situation while Savi says she'll try that Ishaan doesn't face any problem due to her.

The next day, Bhosle's family fix the date of Reeva and Ishaan's wedding while Inder tries to make Bhanwar understand to not go after Savi but he doesn't pay attention to him and scolds him.

Further, Bhosle's family plans to do the destination wedding for Ishaan and Reeva but Ishaan refuses to do the destination wedding thinking about Bhanwar and Savi.

Later, Bhosle's family decides to do the wedding in Bhosle's Institute as per Reeva's suggestion after which Durva decides to trouble Savi with her friends and sends her the sweet as Ishaan's wedding is fixed through a peon.

After that, Bhanwar comes and beats the peon brutally and Durva hides with her friends while Savi tries to stop Bhanwar but he pushes her making her hurt.

This makes Bhanwar realize his mistake and he hurts himself after which he leaves after apologizing to Savi.

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