Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 8th July 2024 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 8th July 2024 Written Update

Today's Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin episode starts with Rajat sees a horse cart coming to him and Savi and notices that it's of Bandra West.

Then, he stops the horse cart driver and asks him if he can take them to Bandra West while the driver refuses in a poetic way.

After that, Rajat offers him money but he refuses saying he drives on his morals not for money after which Rajat offers him more money and states that he'll give him more after reaching but the driver asks him to talk politely instead of giving money which makes Savi smiles sarcastically thinking Rajat thinks everything can be done by offering money.

Further, she tells the driver that they are stuck here and have no way to go home so can he drop them after which the driver agrees getting impressed by Savi's polite behaviour.

However, he takes money from Rajat as well after which they sit in the horse cart together while Savi receives Shashank's call who asks her to come with him to his coperative party and assures that he'll take Isha's permission for it as well.

Meanwhile, Savi agrees for it just then Shashank listens to Rajat's voice and asks Savi that if she is with someone after which Savi tells him that she is with Rajat but it's a long story, she'll tell him about it when she'll meet him.

After that, Rajat asks her that to whom she was talking about him and she tells him that it was her fiancee Shashank after which Rajat says that usually in such a situation people lie but Savi says she isn't such a person as she hates lie.

There, Bhagyashree says to Tara that she is glad Isha didn't become their relative after which Tara goes to the window to close it due to the thunderstorm where she sees Rajat and Savi coming together and shows it to Bhagyashree as well.

She states she won't let Savi come close to Rajat while in the morning Sai gets to know that Rajat will go to C.E.O awards party and wishes to go there after which Bhagyashree agrees as it'll bring Rajat and Sai closer.

Then, Sai goes to the school while Isha talks with Shashank's parents about the engagement and thanks god for the alliance after which Shantanu is about to go for the lecture but Isha asks him to help her in the preparations.

After that, she tries to stop Savi as well from going to the school as they have to go to the shopping but Savi refuses just then Mrunmayi comes there and asks them to wish her well for her interview.

Meanwhile, Savi asks if she is fine and Mrunmayi says she'll move on in the life and focus on her career if Aman doesn't want her.

Further, Savi says that they shouldn't have kept her engagement quickly after Mrunmayi's breakup but Mrunmayi says she is happy with it after which Lucky overhears where Mrunmayi is going and puts up an act to take her with himself.

He also instigates her against Aman and asks her to seek new boys to find her true love after which he thinks that soon Mrunmayi will be trapped.

In the school, Sai tells Savi about going to the party and they spend time together while Rajat says he can't take Sai to the party as Aashka will be there too but Bhagyashree says that Sai hasn't seen her also Mamta will go with them to take there of Sai.

There, Shashank comes to take Savi and they go for the shopping after which Aman also brings Rajat to the same mall for the shopping for the party.

Further, Shashank is about to try a suit but gets a call so Rajat takes it instead of him and goes to try while Isha makes Urmila and Bhagyashree jealous with Savi's engagement news.

She taunts about Rajat's marriage as well while Bhagyashree answers her back.

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