Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 9th February 2024 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 9th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein 9th February 2024 episode starts with a student announcing that Reeva will not be taking the class as she is not well. 

Meanwhile, Durva taunts saying if she is unwell or there is someone in the class she does not want to teach. 

Yashwant calls Ishaan asking if he has talked to Savi while Ishaan tells him that he has talked to her and she will not talk to anyone. 

Ishaan thinks of talking to Savi and comes out asking Shukla Ji if he has seen Savi.

On hearing that she has gone to pack her stuff from the hostel, Ishaan goes to talk to her. 

Seeing Savi carry her bags alone he offers his help but Savi tells him to leave her alone as she does not want him around in the college.

Just then, Ishaan gets a call from Reeva and he tells her that he is busy at the moment and will talk to her later. 

After that, Ishaan jumps and sits in the Savi's auto as it leaves the campus. 

Savi protests but Ishaan tells her that they are outside the campus and she is his wife now. 

After a while, Ishaan begins to feel hot and sweat asking Savi if it is too hot today while Savi tells him that it is normal hot and she has not asked him to come. 

Later, Ishaan feels itchy and having his hands occupied tries to rub his neck with his shoulder.

Seeing Ishaan troubled, Savi takes out her scarf and starts to dab his face to soak the sweat. 

The auto stops at the signal and Reeva is in the car nearby and sees Savi and Ishaan in the auto where Savi first dries his face and then ties her scarf on his forehead so he can feel cool. 

Reeva watches Ishaan and Savi inearbyand feels sad while the signal changes and the auto moves. 

After a while, Ishaan tries to tell Savi about Yashwant's talk when Savi gets hurt when the auto crosses a ditch. 

Savi takes offence when Ishaan calls her a patient while telling the driver to be careful which turns into an argument.

Ishaan tells her in a flow that Yashwant wants to go public about their wedding and also do some rituals. 

Savi misses Ishaan’s last sentence seeing the vada pav stall and tells Ishaan that she is very hungry and needs to eat. 

Elsewhere, Yashwant tells everyone that he had a talk with Ishaan and he has explained to Savi that she will not talk about their wedding at the college. 

Just then, Durva comes there looking ragged and everyone gets worried to see her condition. 

Pretending to be a victim, Durva tells them that she has been attacked by Savi when she tried to show her the mirror.

She tells them that Savi has started thinking of herself as the owner of Bhosale Institute.

Durva tells them very convincingly that Savi wistreating students badly and she tried to stop her when she arrogantly tells her that she is the wife of the director. 

Yashwant gets angry to hear this as she has done exactly the opposite of what she is asked. 

Durva continues to create a picture saying Savi threw coffee at her and whatever came in her hand when she tried to stop her. 

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