Hamari Wali Good News Written Update 22nd October 2020: Adi uses his savings

Hamari Wali Good News Written Update 22nd October 2020: Adi uses his savings

Hamari Wali Good News 22nd October 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Hamari Waali Good News 22 Oct episode starts with Navya getting up early and trying to talk to Adi. Adi asks her to let him sleep on Sunday morning.

Navya blushes on thinking that she is ready for a baby now and looks at the savings she did for Baby’s arrival. Adi mutters that he cannot tell anyone that he lost his job.

Renuka offers Prasad to Mukund, while Mukund screams at her for not talking to Navya about the baby. Renuka feels bad when Mukund shouts at her without any reason.

Meanwhile, Navya asks Adi to turn on the motor to fill the water tank. Renuka tries to talk to Adi about Navya not becoming a mother.

Renuka’s daughter Preeti and son-in-law Alok come to meet Renuka and Mukund. Navya and Alok wish a happy anniversary to them and gift them special things. 

Navya tries to talk to Adi about becoming parents. Later, Mukund takes Alok to his shop and Alok tries to show him that he is the reason for the shop’s development.

He asks Mukund to get his loan approved by Adi, while Adi overhears their conversation. He takes Navya to the room and signs the cheque out of their joint account to pay Alok the money Mukund took from him.

Navya questions him about their savings and Adi shouts at her to sign the cheque. Navya denies giving her savings which she saved for her baby.

Renuka questions Mukund about the loan he took from Alok. Mukund shouts at her to not to interfere in his business matters.

Mukund gets angry with Renuka for not respecting his sister, while Renuka tells him that she has talked to Navya to give the good news.

The written update of 22 October 2020 Hamariwali Good News episode full story ends.

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