Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 10th May 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 10th May 2023 Written Update

Today's Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 10th May 2023 episode starts with Shivendra conveying his regards to Surili for managing the event even though he used an unfair means to call her there.

Surili says that she has forgotten the past and does not mind whatever happened between them as she has understood that Shivendra did not have any bad intentions.

Shivendra asks Surili to start singing again as her soul is linked with her parents through music but Surili does not seem confident to resume singing again.

As Shivendra watches Surili leave, he decides that he cannot let her leave like that and goes after her car in his own car, leaving Bandish confused and getting a Deja vu.

Stopping Surili's car, Shivendra feels glad that he was able to convey his heart to Surili and asks her if she wants him to drop by her home before he leaves for Ranakgarh.

Surili does not feel uncomfortable about the thought of spending time with Shivendra and says that she would not mind his company if he is not busy.

Shivendra asks Surili to move into his car and tell him the story they left unfinished in the jungle which makes Surili giggle excitingly.

As Surili talks and occasionally feels suffocated while sitting in the car, Shivendra pays extra attention to her and gives her candies to ease her mind.

Meanwhile, Manvendra asks Raghvendra to tell Damayanti that he loves Swatilekha but Raghvendra says that it is a bad idea to do so as Damayanti will never change her decision.

Manvendra says that they should not get scared of doing the right thing because of the fear of getting rejected and asks Raghvendra to come for their surprise for Damayanti.

Samvendra arranges the projector in the room and welcomes Damayanti as she sits on the sofa with Manvendra and Raghvendra joining her.

Damayanti gets emotional seeing clips of her with her small sons from the past and thanks her three sons for arranging such a thing.

Shivendra gets a voice message from Damayanti where she says that she is missing him very much and about the surprise his brothers planned for her.

Surili asks Shivendra to send a reply and helps him in recording a message where Shivendra says that he will soon join her for her birthday and give her anything she wants as her gift.

While remaining stuck in the traffic jam, Surili gets a call from Pammi who tells her that Diya is causing a ruckus in backstage as Surili has not reached there yet.

Surili talks to Diya and gives her motivation to do well in her play while Shivendra drives Surili directly to the auditorium.

After they reach the alley behind the auditorium, Shivendra asks Surili when they are meeting each other again to which Surili replies that they can meet whenever Shivendra comes to her.

Suddenly, Monty attacks Surili out of nowhere and starts choking her as Surili had sent him to jail.

Shivendra pushes away Monty and checks on Surili but Monty stabs Shivendra with a knife, leaving Surili shocked.

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