Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 11th April 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 11th April 2023 Written Update

Today's Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 11th April 2023 episode starts with Rani getting worried about the readings done by Guni and telling her advisor, Veera that she will not let history repeat itself.

Rani talks about the time when Guni said that Raja would be doomed by Kalika and he left the palace soon after that.

Rani says that Kalika is a personality as poisonous as a snake and this time, she will not let the venom inject and rust any of her sons like her husband.

Veera asks Rani if she is feeling all right to which she replies that she has to ensure anyhow that no corrupt thing enters her pure life engraved in the palace.

Meanwhile, Shiv meets Surili at the parking lot behind the hotel's main gate and greets her with a smile.

Surili says that she is giving a stall at the fest inside and gets help in carrying the antique gramophone from Shiv as he watches her struggle to balance everything.

Shiv says that he also got late for the first time in his life while Surili says that she is habituated to being late for everything.

As Shiv asks Surili about the gramophone, Surili replies that it is very special to her as it is her parents' last sign that she has.

Shiv proposes that he would pay Surili for the coffee in the morning after he gets his wallet from his room while Surili asks him to visit her stall later.

As Surili rushes inside while holding a load of things and struggling in a goofy manner, Shiv watches from behind and smiles.

Rani talks to another aristocratic lady who is a family friend and invites her to come to the palace for dinner with her daughter, Swatilekha as she has returned home after completing her studies.

On the other hand, Manvendra awkwardly sits opposite Talvar as he acts rudely by mixing alcohol into the traditional drinks that the manager gives them.

Manvendra excuses himself and goes away as he feels his breath getting unstable and gradually gets an asthma attack.

The inhaler falls to the ground while Manvendra struggles to breathe on his own when Surili comes there and helps him to regularize his breathing.

Surili gives some coffee beans to Manvendra and asks him to inhale the fragrance which helps him to get calm gradually.

However, after Manvendra feels a bit better, Surili is already gone, leaving Manvendra looking for her.

Later, Talvar spots Surili in her coffee stall and starts checking her out when Shiv appears there and asks Talvar to enjoy his time staying in the hotel.

Shiv comes to Surili and gives her a two thousand rupee note but Surili writes his credit in her notebook due to the lack of change.

Manvendra finds Surili once again and thanks her for helping him earlier for which he is very grateful to her.

Meanwhile, Swatilekha and her mother enter the palace with maids springing rose petals on them and the head maid gifting them a brooch as a token of appreciation.

Swatilekha tells her mother that she wishes to take away the crown if she decides to step into that family.

After the fest gets over and Surili is busy loading her things into the car, Talvar comes there and asks Surili to come with him in exchange for a stack of notes.

Surili threatens Talvar to go away or else, she will call the police which makes Talvar angry and he holds Surili's arm.

However, Shiv comes there and stops Talvar, and while they are fighting with each other, Talvar crashes on the gramophone making it break into pieces.

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