Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 14th April 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 14th April 2023 Written Update

Today's Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 14th April 2023 episode starts with Shiv and Bandish (Shiv's manager) reaching the locality whose address Shiv's butler gave him for fixing the gramophone.

Bandish opens the windows and squints his nose in disgust due to the foul smell of the surroundings and tells Shiv that they should not be there as the place does not match their class.

However, Shiv does not hear Bandish's warnings and steps out of the car to find the shop where he can find Murad Chacha.

Bandish also decides to follow Shivendra as he cannot leave his boss to roam around the streets of such a place and Shivendra is not ready to leave by himself.

Meanwhile, Surili and Sasha cross Shiv's car and park their scooter nearby as they have come to buy a doll house for Diya.

Sasha reads the horoscope for the day and tells Surili that her love life will soon flourish as her prince charming is on his way to meet her.

Surili laughs at Sasha's comments unaware that Shiv is already pushing his limits for her sake.

Shiv and Bandish walk through a crowded narrow lane while Bandish continues to sneeze due to the smoke and pollution.

As Bandish stops on his way to sanitize his hands, Shiv walks ahead of him and follows the map to locate the shop in that busy place.

Bandish receives a call from Damayanti (Rani) and gets scared as to what he should tell her but still takes it as he can't ignore it.

Damayanti asks Bandish why Shiv canceled the deal with Talvar and why she was not notified by them prior about that matter.

Bandish tries to convince Damayanti by saying that they have already wrapped the deal with another company but she remains stern about knowing the reason why Talvar was evicted.

Without any other option, Bandish says that Talvar broke the gramophone belonging to a girl Shiv met at the hotel fest and they have come to some purani gali to fix the gramophone.

Damayanti gets shocked to know that Shiv ditched coming to the palace for some woman and starts seeing a black snake which signifies the Kalik which turns out to be her imagination.

Asking Veera to go to the town, Damayanti asks him to find out everything about this gramophone girl.

Meanwhile, Shiv asks Murad Chacha to fix the gramophone and says that he is willing to do anything in exchange of his work as the gramophone is very important to someone.

Murad Chacha challenges Shiv to a carrom match but Shiv and Bandish get to know that Murad Chacha is a tough player who has never lost in carrom.

At the same time, Surili and Sasha are short on money to buy the doll house that they like and Surili decides to sell the antique records to the shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper runs over to watch the carrom match and takes the records with him to ask Murad Chacha if he would sell them.

While playing carrom, Murad Chacha asks Shiv about the owner of the gramophone to which Shiv replies that it was his fault that the gramophone broke.

Murad Chacha says that Shiv is in love making Shiv silent and in the end, Murad Chacha wins the carrom match.

Later, as Shiv is about to leave the shop, Murad Chacha gets the records and stops him from leaving.

Murad offers a proposal to Shiv that he will fix the gramophone if he buys the records from him which Shiv happily does and Surili and Sasha succeed in buying the doll house.

The next day, Surili hears the gramophone playing and follows the sound to see it playing music along with a band who point at Shiv standing at the corner, smiling at Surili.

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