Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 16th May 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 16th May 2023 Written Update

Today's Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 16th May 2023 episode starts with Surili getting puzzled as Diya asks why the police are addressing Monty as a criminal.

Surili says that she heard it wrong and her father can never commit anything wrong as he is responsible and loves Diya infinitely.

While talking positively about Monty, Surili's heart gets crushed as she remembers how Monty stabbed Shivendra multiple times in front of her and she just stood there frozen.

However, Surili hides her emotions in front of Diya and tells her that there are many people with the same name in this world and the police have misunderstood her father with another person.

Surili asks Diya to watch cartoons quietly while she goes out to clear the misunderstanding to which Diya nods timidly.

As Surili is about to leave, Diya holds her hand and asks her another time to confirm that her father, Monty, is not the one after whom the police are.

With a heavy heart, Surili asks Diya to pray to God to punish the person Monty who has committed such a crime.

Meanwhile, Raghvendra tells Manvendra that he has decided to tell Damayanti the truth regarding him being in love with Swatilekha but Damayanti comes and says that she is not in the state to hear anything currently.

The police officer inspects the house and asks Pammi and Sasha how they earn their daily stipend to which Surili answers that they run a cafe together from which the money comes.

Surili tells the officer that she and her family are extremely minimal middle-class people who have nothing to do with Monty except the fact that Monty was Sasha's husband.

Surili talks about how Monty has been causing problems for her family too and once destroyed their cafe for which she called the police herself.

The constable with the officer confirms Surili's statement but the officer says that a person bailed Monty out of jail, suspecting that it might be Surili or her family members.

Surili assures that neither she nor her family members have done the bail as she herself wants Monty behind bars which Diya hears, standing at a distance with a grim face.

Later, Surili stares at an envelope smudged with Shiv's blood while Sasha informs that no one has any idea who the person is who did Monty's bail.

As the worry of Shivendra makes Surili distressed, she calls Manvendra to ask about Shivendra's condition and Manvendra informs Surili that Shivendra is yet to regain his consciousness.

Surili remembers Shivendra's words about not stopping her singing as it is the only medium that connects her to her parents and leaves after taking her guitar.

Reaching an open space, Surili stares at the sun and says that Shiv has to get up from his sleep if he wants to capture the sun in his palm.

Surili takes out her guitar and starts singing a song in the hope that the tunes reach Shiv's senses and help him wake up.

At the same time, Samvendra informs Damayanti that Shivendra is waking up slowly and they gather around Shivendra with happy faces.

Shivendra utters Surili's name and asks about Surili's condition first after he opens his eyes which does not impress Damayanti.

Surili receives a call from Manvendra but it turns out to be Shivendra which makes Surili tear up with joy.

Shivendra gets happy after knowing that Surili was thinking about him and asks her the answer to the question he asked that night regarding their meeting each other again.

Surili says sorry as she is responsible for Shivendra's condition but Shivendra asks her if she wants to meet him again and he will go to her immediately if she says yes.

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