Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 17th April 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 17th April 2023 Written Update

Today's Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 17th April 2023 episode starts with Shivendra apologizing to Surili for his behavior the other night.

He mentions that he is embarrassed to have broken her ancestral gramophone and informs her that he has canceled all his deals with the business tycoon A.K. Gadhwal.

Surilli acts unimpressed while Shivendra requests Surili to accept his apology as it matters to him.

Surili, a little surprised, asks him about the repair charges for the gramophone as she does not take favors.

However, Shiv insisters her to consider it to be his apology as they joke about Shiv referring to himself as HUM.

Surili introduces herself to Shivendra while Sasha calls her out.

She leaves expressing her gratitude while reminding him to note it in the accounts book and Shiv thanks her for accepting his apology.

On the other hand, Raghvendra gets a flower bouquet for Swati from the palace garden and calls her beautiful, reminding her of their beautiful childhood memories.

Swati tells him that though she remembers him vaguely Raghvendra has himself turned out to be a handsome man.

Story of a Prince Charming and a poor girl!

Back in the cafe, Sasha asks Surili about Shivendra and the gramophone story.

She informs Sasha that he is the new customer and got the gramophone repaired because he broke it.

However, the sisters have a fun banter calling each other silly.

Juju uncle enters agreeing with the girls while Sasha offers him cookies free for the day.

She informs Juju Uncle about Surili's lucky day in love as she informs them about Shivendra.

Meanwhile, Damayanti asks Madhumalti to choose something that she likes as they are celebrating Swati's arrival back home.

Swati appreciates the Sarees as Rani Sahiba informs her that royal family members don't go out shopping.

Shivendra's security is worried as Rani Sahiba wants him back home as soon as possible while Shivendra finds documents in the back seat of his car and leaves for the cafe.

The sisters discuss Shivendra's gossip news regarding his personal life while Sasha calls their story to be a typical childhood story as Shivendra is rich and handsome and Surili is poor and silly.

Surili asks Sasha to not embarrass her as she does not have time for all this and asks her to not distribute things for free.

Shivendra's account closed in Surili's Cafe

Shivendra enters the cafe and gives records back to Surili as he quotes Murad's words of wisdom.

Surili informs Shiv that a lot of coincidences are happening between them while telling him that the records are hers.

She tells Shivendra that he might be the prince but he cannot give her sold-out records.

She handovers him the money and closes his account.

In the palace, Damayanti gifts Swati a Patola from Patan Raj as she informs Swati that the daughters-in-law of the Barot family receive it and Swati is the first one in the generation to get it.

Rani Sahiba informs Madhumalti about her decision while she informs her that they will do the formalities soon as Swati seeks Damayanti's blessings.

Shivendra leaves the cafe and bumps into a girl while she jokes with him for his HUM reference which reminds him of Surili.

As the girl runs inside the cafe calling Mumma while Surili embraces her.

Shivendra is smiling seeing Surili happy while informed by his security about Rani Sahiba.

Back in the palace, Swati tries the Patola while an unhappy Madhumati calms her down.

Abhaar Abhivyakt Samaroh (Gratitude Ceremony)

The youngest prince informs Rani Sahiba about the Abhaar Abhivyakt Samaroh while Swati shows her interest in attending the Samaroh as well.

Rani's proud son informs Swati about Rani and Shivendra's contribution towards girl education as the females of Ranakgarh do not cross the boundary.

Rani Sahiba invites Swati to the Samaroh (gathering) so she can meet Shivendra there, which makes Raghvendra upset.

Swati expresses her gratitude to Rani Sahiba for allowing her to go abroad and study while Madhumalti informs Rani Sahiba as they leave.

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