Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 18th May 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 18th May 2023 Written Update

Today's Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 18th May 2023 episode starts with Surili feeling very happy after talking so much with Shivendra.

Diya thinks about Surili talking to the police officer about sending Monty to jail and wakes up huffing for air as if she has seen a nightmare.

As Diya touches the bed, she notices that it is wet but decides not to wake up Sasha for that matter.

Diya sits on the couch and thinks about how Surili lied to her about her father not being a criminal and starts having bitter feelings in her heart.

Meanwhile, Shivendra opens his eyes that are deprived of sleep as he realizes that is about time for his coffee meeting with Surili.

An attendant enters Shivendra's room and informs him that everything has been arranged according to his demands and his coffee has also been prepared.

Shivendra asks the attendant to leave and stares at his wardrobe to decide what he should wear while talking to Surili.

After wearing a formal shirt, Shivendra comes to the lawn and sits amid the darkness before dawn, waiting for Surili to come online and join the meeting.

Surili continues to sleep while the alarm goes off as she does not have the habit of waking up so early which makes Shivendra a bit upset.

However, Surili wakes up hearing the alarm at last and panics on seeing the time as she is late for her morning meeting with Shivendra.

Shivendra's face blooms again with a smile as he watches Surili join the meeting while she sets up the mat on her roof.

Shivendra talks through poems leaving Surili confused as she is unable to understand the meaning and asks Shivendra to stop making fun of her.

As Shivendra asks Surili to be ready with her coffee so that they can enjoy it together, Surili remembers that she forgot to prepare her coffee leaving Shivendra disappointed.

Shivendra says that he will also not drink his coffee as coffee is out of that meeting and only they remain with each other.

With sneaky glances and rosy cheeks, Surili and Shivendra talk about Ranakgarh, and Shivendra asks Surili to lay on her pillow and close her eyes as he will make her hear something.

Surili lies down with her eyes closed and Shivendra makes her hear the gentle chirps and songs sung by the birds throughout the jungle.

Shivendra says that Mumbai does not have the peace that Ranakgarh has which does not have any reply from Surili and Shivendra demands a prize for himself for winning the bet.

Surili asks what she can do for Shivendra while Shivendra demands Surili sing a song for him.

As Surili gives the excuse that she is not a professional singer, Shivendra says that Surili would sing personally for him which makes Surili blush.

Swatilekha comes to take Shivendra's coffee and breakfast and goes to the lawn area to greet him but gets shocked to see Shivendra talking to Surili.

Surili asks Shivendra to be a bit flamboyant with his clothing style as his dressing sense screams a boring vibe that offends Shivendra.

Seeing Shivendra eating salad for breakfast, Surili asks him to try something tasty and suggests he eat motichur ladoo with tea.

As Surili has to leave for the opening of her cafe, Shivendra sulks indirectly which gets noticed by Surili and she gives an idea to Shivendra regarding what he should do.

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