Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 19th April 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 19th April 2023 Written Update

Today's Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 19th April 2023 episode starts with Shiv reaching the palace and getting welcomed in a grand manner by Damayanti.

Savendra gets excited about seeing his elder brother home and asks him to come inside quickly but Manvendra reminds him that they must maintain silence until the "nazar" ritual is completed.

Damayanti does arti of Shiv and asks him to keep his hands on heaps of grains that would be donated later to the common masses.

Shiv asks Damayanti how she is doing nowadays to which Damayanti replies that she is a bit tired after waiting for so long for her son to return.

Saying that Damayanti goes inside while Savendra hugs Shiv and says that the attention of the palace will be on Shiv instead of him for some time.

Shiv reminds Sam (Savendra) that he will always remain the center of attention as he is the youngest among the princes of the Barod family.

Shiv talks about Sam's growing interest in politics and how he was silent when the governor came to visit them the previous night, making Sam laugh nervously.

Man (Manvendra) asks Raghvendra to join them and the four brothers step inside to enjoy their dinner together.

Sam makes fun of Shiv saying that he will be pampered by Damayanti the whole day now and he is yet to convince her as she is angry with him for not coming the previous day.

At the dinner table, Sam asks Shiv to help him in hosting the event the next day and says some words in pure Sanskrit which makes everyone laugh.

Shiv says that everything will be fine if Sam confidently prepares for the event while Damayanti refuses to talk to him making him upset.

Shiv starts doing sit-ups while holding his ear and says sorry to Damayanti for not returning after she called him after which Damayanti lets Shiv off by forgiving him.

Meanwhile, Surili prepares the bedding for Pammi to sleep in while Pammi talks about the past when she came to Mumbai to manage thew cafe of her elder sister and brother-in-law.

Pammi says that she has devoted her entire life to looking after Surili and Sasha and asks Surili if she has ever felt that Pammi had done anything unfair toward her.

Surili says that she is more than grateful for whatever Pammi has done for her and would always be there with her family whenever they need her.

At the same time, Harish tells Madhumalti that she will never tell anything to Swatilekha about the royal family as he has promised them to take the secret to his grave.

Madhumalti says that she has no other option as she knows what sort of cost Swati has to pay if she decides to become Shivendra's wife.

Later, at night, Damayanti visits her sons' rooms and adjusts their blankets to ensure they are sleeping well, and comes to Shiv's room at last.

Shiv asks Damayanti to sit down and tells her that he does not want her to control his life by taking decisions on his behalf anymore.

Shiv says that he wants to live independently by himself and not depend on Damayanti for anything to which Damayanti replies that she needs to pull the last strings as the head of the family.

As Shiv asks Damayanti to respect his likes and dislikes in the same manner he does, Damayanti asks Shiv what he would do if she refuses to accept them.

Shiv lovingly says that he is Damayanti's son only and is as stubborn as her so he will continue to push for his dreams.

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