Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 23rd May 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 23rd May 2023 Written Update

Today's Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 23rd May 2023 episode starts with Manvendra sitting with Shivendra and hearing about his argument with Surili.

Manvendra says that a person only fights with people they care about dearly which makes Shivendra's heart divert from the anger and he compliments Manvendra for being a sweet talker.

Manvendra says that he is younger than Shivendra but knows that the feelings of a person get hurt only if they care for the opposite person while he watches Surili's Instagram page with a smile on his face.

Pammi tells Surili and Sasha about Diya fighting with someone in her school and not speaking anything regarding that which is making her worried.

Surili hugs Diya dearly and asks her what the matter is but Diya remains silent with no emotions showing on her face.

Seeing Diya in such a gloomy state, Surili tries to make jokes by asking Diya what starts with "d" as she calls Diya Daku.

On receiving a call from Shiv, Surili asks Diya to smile always and tell her whenever anything is wrong after which she goes to a corner to talk to Shiv.

Shiv says hello in a cold manner which makes Surili feel guilty and she says that she is sorry for not telling Shiv about the police matter.

Surili says that everything happened so fast that she did not get the chance to apologize to Shiv and was busy at the police station earlier.

Shiv tells Surili that she should have let him know about her problem as friends are there to support each other but he is sure that his place in her life does not matter that much.

Surili strongly denies Shiv and says that he is very important to her and has a special place in her life, but Surili pauses mid-sentence and realizes that she is saying something quite romantic.

Shiv talks about Mahabaleshwar too and he was stressed about Surili and replies to Surili with an "it's okay".

Surili repeats Shiv's past words about not replying with it's okay as it does not mean forgiveness and is very vogue about its meaning.

Shiv smiles a bit on hearing Surili's words and realizes that she is using his words against him only.

Meanwhile, Bandish informs Damayanti about Raghvendra wanting to take over the eco-tourism project as he has already met Samar Ahluwalia.

Damayanti asks Bandish not to send the documents to Raghvendra as meeting new clients in Shivdendra's duty and she would talk to her sons about it.

Veera comes in and informs Damayanti that Sasha has been released by the police which shocks her as she initiated her arrest to find the culprit.

Damayanti gets stunned to hear that it is Shivendra who ordered Sasha's release and wonders why Shivendra is going to such lengths.

At night, Diya again wets her bed and sleeps again while Surili wakes up on hearing her 4:30 AM alarm and rushes to the roof.

After waiting for some time at the online meeting, Surili proceeds to switch off the meeting but Shivendra joins and tells her to be patient.

Surili sings a song for Shivendra after asking him to close his eyes so that he can hear both her singing and the birds chirping in the middle of nature.

However, Surili gets a call from Pammi and has to leave the meeting which ends Shiv and Surili's short morning date.

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