Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 24th April 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 24th April 2023 Written Update

Today's Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 24th April 2023 episode starts with Veera meeting Surili and telling her that he has been keeping an eye on her for the past day and has figured out everything going on in her life.

Veera says that Surili's life is filled with problems and debts which can be solved by the money he presents in a huge bag in front of Surili.

Surili stares at the money inside the bag while Veera announces that he is giving that money as a bribe to keep her away from Shivendra Singh Barod, the eldest prince of the royal family.

Surili gets shocked to hear such a thing but keeps her calm and passes birthday cake of Diya for Veera to enjoy while they talk.

After sitting down across from Veera, Surili says that she has many dents accompanying her life but she can never accept such money from the riches just because she was seen interacting with some man.

Surili says that she has a thing called self-respect and knows how to protect it till the very end as taught by her parents.

Reminding Veera that the place they are sitting is not Ranakgarh and she is not interested in any prince whatsoever, Surili asks Veera to leave the cafe with his money.

Meanwhile, Shivendra is desperate to reach the cafe as soon as possible so that he can tell Surili that he never intended to harass her in such a way and insult her hardworking stamina.

Back in Ranakgarh, the news reporters flock around Damayanti and ask her why Shivendra left in the middle of the event and did not complete his press conference.

Damayanti tells the reporters that she has sent Shivendra for some urgent work to the city and he would surely answer all their questions through email.

Madhumalti says that Shivendra seems to slip away from Damayanti's hands in the same way the king did and decided to leave the palace and Ranakgarh.

Swatilekha gets offended hearing Madhumalti and tries to open her car door in frustration in which Raghvendra helps her.

Raghvendra asks Swatilekha if she is upset about Shivendra's behavior and tells her not to mind it but Swatilekha acts cold toward him and leaves.

After reaching home, Swatilekha tells lies to her friends about having a great time with Shivendra when Madhumalti comes there.

Madhumalti asks Swatilekha to tell her what is there in her heart to which Swatilekha replies that she has always groomed herself to become Shivendra's wife and she does not want her mother to shatter that dream.

At the same time, Veera tells Surili that she is a cultured woman and asks her to stay away from the Barod family as her and Shivendra's status is not at the same level.

Sasha asks Surili who that man was while Pammi comes there running and informs Surili that the loan acquiring company is saying that they will seal the cafe immediately and calling them frauds.

Pammi says that someone from the cafe told them that it is the wrong number when they called here which is why they are thinking of them as frauds.

As Sasha reveals that she was the one who told them, Pammi bursts into anger and calls Sasha the epitome of bad luck as she always ruins everything for the family.

Surili assures everything would be fine and leaves to meet the officer while Shivendra enters the cafe and finds no one there.

After reaching, Surili notices that she has forgotten the documents and Sasha sends them to her while talking about the cafe getting sealed which Shivendra overhears.

Shivendra tells Sasha about what he heard inside to which Sasha tells him that Surili has enough on her plate already and does not have another element to add to it.

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